Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Blog Look

Did you notice the changes around here?  If you are reading this in a reader or through email then you probably didn't but the blog got a new look.

About a year ago I worked with Molly of to design my fabulous logo which I still love.  A couple months ago I decided I needed a little more help.  I haven't been feeling my blog header anymore and had no ideas to fix it.   So I emailed Molly and asked her to please save me.  All I told her is that I wanted something clean and simple.  She came through.  She also made me some shiny new social media icons and an about me section to go with it.  As always Molly was so nice to work with and made the process easy peasy.  If you are in need of some design work you should check her out. 

A couple other changes I made were to add recent post photo links to the top of my page and I added a image hover pin it button to all my images.  So now if your cursor is on a photo the pin it button appears for ease of pinning.  Go ahead pin something, I'll wait.  I also added images of my latest pins to my sidebar even though I know it's not smart to take people away from my site.  It's fun and fun out ways smart right?  For those of you still using blogger like me here are some links to the tutorial's I used.

-image hover Pin it button for photos  
-Add latest pins to blogger sidebar
-the recent posts gadget a fellow blogger emailed to me (thanks Suzy) so if you want it email me and I will pass it on.

So the does it make sense now, the random photo of my dog at the beginning of the post?  My new gadget puts the first photo of every post across the top of my blog and I wanted my precious pup up there for a few weeks.  (Okay for at least five weeks since I'm such a random poster.)  Also I totally missed the boat on the hysterical Hey Girl Link party that went around on Valentines but I figured I can still play, better late then never right? 

Pin It



Looks great! :)

Rasonda @ Lake Cottage Dreams said...

Love it!

Crys Green said...

Love it!!

Shannon said...

It looks beautiful, Mimi!!! Good job!
( &

Julie @ Being Home said...

Looking good! Love the "Hey, girl" photo with your dog. lol

Bliss said...

I hope you threw his ball for him after the picture!


Full Circle Creations said...

Love the new look!

Patty Sumner said...

It looks great! Blessings!

Anne said...

I love your blog no matter what you do to it! (Glad you're happier with the look)


Gail Wilson said...

Mimi--I'm so bad, I am clueless how it use to look. :) But I have always loved your looks so nice on your pics!


Stacey@Rendition Road said...

I really love the new look! And the pic of your pup is just too adorable :)

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