Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Vintage Sofa Project - The Reveal

I finished my Vintage Sofa Re-upholstery Project.  I had fun staging it.   I just realized how masculine the staging is for such a feminine sofa.  I guess those of you that have been around for awhile know I'm not a frilly decor kinda girl. 

For all the details and things I learned along the way here's the links to all the posts in the series: 

Tear Down to the Frame 
Covering the Bottom 
Diamond Button Tufting

This is what I started with back in October.  A free sofa that needed to be taken down to the springs. 

I ditched all the old foam and batting.  Then removed the arm and repaired the side.

Then finished the curved outside back

Wow that was a lot.  The only thing I haven't showed yet is how to make a cushion cover which I will do sometime soon and just add the link to this. Really though, breaking it down and doing it in smaller do-able chunks really made it easier.  Of course it's not perfect but I'm really proud of my first attempt at a reupholstering a sofa.   

I love how the curvy white legs and trim look with the soft gray velvet. 

My favorite thing is the coordinating fabric on the bottom under the cushion.  No one will ever see it but I know it's there. 

As far as the cost goes I spent just about $100 to makeover my free sofa.  The bulk of that was spent on fabric and the foam cushion.  The fabric is the biggest variable.  I found my fabric on sale and used a coupon.  You could easily spend over $100 just on fabric.  I used five yards but I bought seven.  I have extra for another project.  Keep in mind if you use a patterned fabric you will need a few extra yards to match the pattern.  All the little stuff adds up so think about saving as much as you can from the original piece.  Zippers, piping, buttons and of course foam if it's in good shape can all be reused.  

I am glad to have this done so I can start the New Year fresh.  It's actually been done for two weeks but I didn't feel like writing this post until today.  I have been focusing on cleaning my house and workshop.  I have worked myself into a corner and just need to stop and take a moment to think about where I want to go with my business in the New Year.  Don't we all feel that way this time of year?  Clean out the closets, organize, start fresh.  Make a to do list. I might even write down some goals.  We shall see. 

Check the Vintage Sofa Project off the list!

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