Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Year in Review

Another year of blogging has come and gone.  I started the year out with a full time job and ended it with my own furniture business.  Weird.  I never would have thought I would do this.  It's funny how things in life change isn't it.  Before I get all sappy and head down that road how about I just give a little project review instead?

At the beginning of the year I was all fired up to remodel our kitchen.  I started by building a new Kitchen Island. 

The look I was going for was a vintage shop counter.   The kitchen remodel stopped there though because as I mentioned above I quit my day job to pursue my passion.  It's been an amazing journey for me.  I plan to post more about it (the good, bad, and the ugly) soon for those of you who have thought of doing it yourself. 

I started by renting a small space in a local gift shop.  

I also decided to try my luck selling on Craig's List.  For the most part it works pretty well.  All the above items sold within a week but not everything I've posted has.  

Then I DIY'd some Built in cabinets for our Dining Room.  Totally abandoning the kitchen.

As well as a Ship's Ladder, my favorite Home Improvement Project to date.  If you click on the link you will see the nightmare that was there before.  Major Improvement.  I just think they are so darn cute. 

Pallet Gate and Trellis

Then it was Spring and I did a little work in the garden and built a Gate and Trellis out of Pallets and some reclaimed wood.

By this time the Store I had my space in downsized so I went looking for a space somewhere else and found a home at Abundance Vintage in Downtown Centralia.

I started by consigning a few pieces which led to renting the window for a month, then my own space.  This is when all projects at home stopped because I decided to focus on pieces I could sell.  I have been building, re-purposing and painting for a long time but never to sell.  It's a totally different deal when you want to sell your creations.  I have really enjoyed figuring it all out and hope to find a better balance in 2013.  Here's a few of my favorite items that I have either built or refurbished to sell.

I have some exciting things coming up in the New Year including teaching Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Classes at Abundance Vintage.  There couldn't be a more perfect product for me to talk about.  I love distressed chippy finishes and what this product can do.  If you are local and interested in taking a class visit Abundance Vintage on facebook or send me an email for details. 

I want to thank all of you who read my blog.  It seems whenever I need a boost one of you will come through for me with a thoughtful email or comment.  I hope that once in awhile I come through for you too with some inspiration.  Here's to another great year!

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Anne said...

woo hoo! Here's to 2013 - may it be even MORE successful than your 2012 was (and 2012 was pretty damn good!! lol)

Athena at Minervas Garden said...

Gorgeous furniture--I love your Paris chair and that pallet garden gate--so cool!

Blanca said...

Gracias por tu trabajo en 2012 y adelante con el 2013!. Desde España, Blanca.

Shirlee said...

You sure do nice work! I love those little ship ladder stairs. My cats would have so much fun running up and down on them.

All the best in 2013!


anangloinquebec said...

I have always been an admirer of your work and your courage. I am sure the experience over this past year has not always been easy but I sense a real understanding came about when you shifted your mindset towards the 'sell' end of your work. I am looking forward to hearing about this journey. Your work is outstanding Mimi and I am wishing you all the success in the New Year.

Beth said...

I have not seen your blog before, but I can see that we have some things in common. I look forward to hearing about your business journey, since I may be finding myself on that scary road in 2013. I am a new follower now.

Full Circle Creations said...

That ship ladder is one of my favorites as is the fireplace and the rustic table and...I could go on and on! So many favorites of mine! I'm hoping 2013 is even more successful for you! You certainly deserve it! Thanks for all the inspiration my friend!

Susan @ said...

Mimi just found your blog through FJI... I'm loving your projects and your story. I'm your newest follower, stop by when you get the chance too.
Happy New Year!

Robin said...

Happy New Year Mimi! It's been wonderful following along with your progress this past year and I'm eagering awaiting all that will happen in 2013.

Daena from Bad Rabbit Vintage said...

Wow, love your stuff! Came over from My Repurposed Life and now I am a follower!

kevin smith said...

You also won't have to be lugging around any diaper bag or stroller when they're older. Take them to a small amusement park near home for now and take the big vacation later when your finances are in better shape. Enjoy!!!!

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