Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Industrial Lamp Shade

I love it when a plan comes together.  

A while back I found this old aluminum tripod for a few bucks and thought it would make a cute lamp.  I bought a lighting kit at the local hardware store and tada it's a lamp.  Now I was on the hunt for the perfect lamp shade.  I knew I'd find it eventually.

When I saw this piece of wire fencing at the local Habitat Restore I knew I had found my lamp shade.  Obviously right?  It was wrapped in a circle just like in this photo sitting in the back room by the garden supplies.  My initial thought was I would use some fabric to line the inside and just sew it to the top and bottom of the wire frame.  I had one problem though how to attach my shade to the lamp.  I decided I would find a cheap thrift store lamp shade and take it apart so I could use the harp and wire rim around the top.

I found this beauty and when I brought it home discovered it was perfect just the way it was.  It was exactly the right size and even the seams of the shade lined up with the wire fencing grid.  Weird how that happens sometimes.  

I cut my wire fencing and wrapped it around the lamp shade.  

Lights on,

Lights off.

I really like it.  It's quirky.  I was curious what the hubby would think, you just never know.  I'm happy to report he thinks it's cool. 

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Full Circle Creations said...

So very cute! And a great re-purpose job too!


I Play Outside The Box said...

Clever!!! Love it!

Katie @ Creatively Living said...

Love, Love, Love it!


Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Very cool! You did a great job bringing your vision to life.

elle said...

yes, very cool. Who would have thought!!! ;^)

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

This is absolutely the neatest thing. Love it. How fabulous. Hugs, Marty

the cape on the corner said...

great idea. i came over just to look at your pretty and dark living room.

Robin said...

It was a match made in heaven. They look amazing together and way cool. You are so creative!

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