Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vintage Sofa Project - The Tear Down

I have made a little progress on my Vintage Sofa.  So far I've taken off all the old fabric and stuffing and removed the arm.  Just to remind you why I am removing an arm, it's because I have two one armed sofa's and I am going to make them into an armless and a two armed sofa. ;)  I realize most people are not going to be dealing with removing an arm from a sofa but I might as well show ya right?

The before.  I already had tossed the cushion and started tearing it apart.

To remove the arm I used a pry bar where it met the frame and I could see it was attached with dowels.  I used my rotary cutting tool to cut the dowels off flush to the frame. 

The tools I used to remove all the old fabric, batting, buttons and foam were a flat head screw driver, a tack/staple remover, needle nose pliers and a small hammer.  There are fancier tools for professionals but I just use what I have. 

This is the tack/staple remover tool I have. I have seen it called an upholstery combination tool.  It says it's for tacks but It works on staples too. It makes things go a lot quicker.

I've learned that you don't have to remove every staple.  It's hard not to though because it looks messy but save yourself the grief.  As long as nothing is sticking out or sharp the new batting and fabric will cover a multitude of issues. 

Next I discovered the bottom trim on my sofa is only attached with a couple screws so I can take it off to make it easier to reupholster and paint. Sweet.

To fix the hole on the seat from removing the arm I was able to use the piece from the other one armed sofa.  I attached it with screws.

To fill the hole on the back I used a piece of paper to make a template because the top was at an angle.  Then I took it to my shop and cut the piece out of a scrap of 1 x 4.  I used my Kreg jig to make pocket holes and attached it with screws.

Now I am ready to reupholster.  

I will need some curve ease for the back curve as well as tack strip for the sides.  I am still deciding on a fabric.  I am excited to get started on the button tufting, should be interesting.  

I am on my way.

Next post in the series covering the bottom of the Sofa.  

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