Monday, October 22, 2012

The Vintage Sofa Project

Let's start this out with a photo of some pretty vintage sofas.

Why? because the photos of my sofa are not so pretty. 

I know right.  It's a total tear down.  I found the vintage Stratford sofa at a garage sale this summer, it was free.  How could I not take it home with me.  It's a three piece sectional.  The two sides each have one arm and the middle is curved as you can see in the photo.

The good things about it are great legs, the curved button tufted back & it's super comfy.  The frame and springs are in great shape. The bad thing is my free sofa has to be taken down to the frame and springs and will need all new cushions, batting and fabric.  So much for free.  Oh and I've never recovered a sofa before.

I have however recovered a lot of chairs and even made a slipcover for my recliner so it's time to move to next level.

I decided in order to make it less intimidating I am going to separate it into three projects. An armless sofa, a sofa with two arms and a quirky curved sofa.  Which means I have to remove the arm from one and attach it to the other side of the other section so that one will have two arms.  Make sense?

The first up will be the armless sofa.  I plan to use a simple fabric with no pattern.   

I will be posting as I go and will share all the tips and tricks I learn on upholstering and button tufting. 

I am in no hurry so there will be plenty of posts in between with building projects. I just wanted to throw it out there. I said it now I have to do it, right?  Wish me luck.

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