Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I finally finished the Dresser!

Do you remember awhile back when I posted about the dresser that was kicking my bootie?  Probably not it's only been oh, four months.  I had asked you lovelies for help and you came through.  I loved all your comments.  That was probably my favorite post because of your awesome feed back. There was some great ideas. To read the saga of Mimi versus the Dresser go here.   

So for four months now I have been tripping (seriously it's been in the dining room) over the thing thinking why can't I just chuck it??  But it was a challenge, I had to fix it.  Finally I decided what to do with it and now I love him. 

I know you are thinking another Union Jack.... and yep it's another Union Jack and I love him, oh I said that already.  I haven't really done one yet unless you count the chair I recovered in Union Jack but that's different right?  I had to, this dresser just had no umph and the Union Jack design really gave it a personality.  

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old Violet for the base, and  Old White for the stripes.  The red is Old Fashioned milk paint in Salem red.  I distressed and finished with clear and dark wax.

Here's what I did to it before that I just couldn't stand.

Uggh!  The inset trim at the top was just not working for me.  A few of you recommended either covering it or filling it in and I decided to fill it in with wood putty.  So much better! 

Totally different direction and the best thing is it is going to my shop space asap so no more tripping over it. 

Lastly I just have to share these last pics.  

I was holding her ball it's the only way to get her to hold still.  I think she started to figure out what I was doing.  

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