Monday, September 24, 2012

Goose Creek Candle Co Winner!

The winner of the Goose Creek Candle Co. Giveaway chosen by is  

I would love Orange Clove or Autumn. 

I will email you the details you will love your new candle! 

Thanks to all who entered! 

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vintage Market Sign

What is it about signs?  I just love making them.  This particular sign I made for my new shop space.  My space is on the second floor and has a half wall overlooking the main floor.  The wall isn't quite high enough for most furniture pieces and I was nervous to place things on the ledge.   My sister suggested I make some sort of shelf to set on the ledge with a sign on the back.  I thought that was a brilliant idea and this sign is what I came up with.  

I built a crate out of scrap wood and attached it to the back.    To secure it I screwed through the crate into the ledge.  Now if I don't have furniture in front of it I can display smalls inside the crate and on the ledge without worrying about them falling over.  (I am the biggest worry wort in the world by the way)

My inspiration came from a sign I saw in the Ballard Design Catalog.  I just love the interesting shape.  For my sign I started with a sheet of plywood and cut the design out with a jig saw.  I used scraps of molding for the top.  To get an old weathered look I treated it with the vinegar & steel wool solution I talked about here.  For the words I just used Microsoft Word I don't have any fancy programs.  To make them big I used the poster printing feature.  For more on that and the transfer technique I used go here

Here's what It looks like in my space looking up from the main floor.

& the back.  I have it pretty well blocked right now but hopefully this gives you and idea. 

I'm liking it in the space hopefully it will make people want to come upstairs and check things out.


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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Goose Creek Candle Giveaway

Recently I was contacted by Goose Creek Candle Co. and asked if I would like a chance to try out one of their delicious scented candles and give one of them away to one of my lucky readers.  Of course I said yes!  Don't we all love candles?  The candle I chose was Maple Toddy.  It love the way it smells!  Not only does it smell heavenly, the American Heirloom Collection comes in a pretty jar with a metal top. 

See the top even looks great just laying next to the jar. 
So what do I think of it?  Like I mentioned before the scent I chose, Maple Toddy, smells wonderful.  The day I got it was overcast (shocking I live in Western Wa) and it was the perfect day to bust out a fall scent. I could smell it throughout the house I would say it is strong but not overpowering.  There is nothing worse than a candle that you can't even smell, this one was just right.  It burned evenly and cleanly.  Also the candle wax looks cool.  It has variation in the color it's not just flat brown if you know what I mean.  I was definitely impressed with the candle.

Oh and if you are not into candles they also have warmers and melts on their website too!

Now for the giveaway.  Goose Creek Candle Co is giving away one 16oz American Heirloom jar candle to one of my lucky readers.   All you have to do is visit their page here and leave me a comment in this post letting me know which candle you would choose.  Giveaway will be announced Monday September 24th so head on over and check them out. Good Luck!

*I was compensated for this post but all opinions are my own.  If I didn't love it I wouldn't have done it ;)
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I finally finished the Dresser!

Do you remember awhile back when I posted about the dresser that was kicking my bootie?  Probably not it's only been oh, four months.  I had asked you lovelies for help and you came through.  I loved all your comments.  That was probably my favorite post because of your awesome feed back. There was some great ideas. To read the saga of Mimi versus the Dresser go here.   

So for four months now I have been tripping (seriously it's been in the dining room) over the thing thinking why can't I just chuck it??  But it was a challenge, I had to fix it.  Finally I decided what to do with it and now I love him. 

I know you are thinking another Union Jack.... and yep it's another Union Jack and I love him, oh I said that already.  I haven't really done one yet unless you count the chair I recovered in Union Jack but that's different right?  I had to, this dresser just had no umph and the Union Jack design really gave it a personality.  

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old Violet for the base, and  Old White for the stripes.  The red is Old Fashioned milk paint in Salem red.  I distressed and finished with clear and dark wax.

Here's what I did to it before that I just couldn't stand.

Uggh!  The inset trim at the top was just not working for me.  A few of you recommended either covering it or filling it in and I decided to fill it in with wood putty.  So much better! 

Totally different direction and the best thing is it is going to my shop space asap so no more tripping over it. 

Lastly I just have to share these last pics.  

I was holding her ball it's the only way to get her to hold still.  I think she started to figure out what I was doing.  

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Monday, September 17, 2012

My Mantel plans are on

Just wanted to share that plans for my Faux Mantel are now available on!  Pretty cool huh?  I can't tell you how much fun it is to see my work on her site.

I love sharing how I build my projects and having detailed plans make it that much easier if someone wanted to build one for themselves.  If you haven't checked out her site you should there are tons of furniture plans for all skill levels you will love it!  She's got a good thing going on over there.  It's a great resource.  To see my post about the Mantel click here and for the detailed plans on go here.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coffee Sack Upholstered Chair

I have been dying to find a chair to upholster with a coffee sack.  Really I have.  I just love the look and I had this great coffee sack so why not.  I finally found a vintage chair the other day and dropped everything to work on it.  

The before was dark stain and all scratched up. The chair is solid but the fabric had to go. 

I removed all the fabric and staples then replaced the batting on the seat.  I stapled a cotton lining fabric over the cotton batting to smooth it out before attaching the coffee sack. 

I decided to use the seamed edge along the front and attached with upholstery tacks. 

If you've ever worked with burlap you know it is a bit of a mess.  For the edges I cut to go around the back and arm supports I used hot glue on the under side to keep it from fraying.

Around the rest of the bottom I folded the edge over and tucked it in before nailing.  

The back was already button tufted and the foam was clean and in great shape so I decided to reuse it.  I just covered the existing buttons with fabric using hot glue. I finished it off by sewing up some double cord welting to hide all the staple.

This is my kind of upholstery project.  No major sewing just staples and hot glue.  I think she turned out cute.  I think I'll call her Bean.  You know because she's the color of a green coffee bean.  Bean it is.  (I expect my husband to tell me I have derailed any minute. Have a good one!

-Paint color is Resplendent Fern Green (Glidden from Walmart) distressed and finished with clear and dark wax.
-Coffee Sack I picked up from a Garage Sale
-Chair back fabric is drop cloth


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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weathered Beadboard Frames

The last few days I have been working on a couple projects that are no where near finished.  One is a small job for a client that is not really blog worthy and the other is a fun re-purpose project that I will share once I finish the darn thing.  

So naturally I got distracted and decided to make some beadboard frames.  

Let me back up.  In case you missed it I have been making beadboard picture frames for awhile now.  I added a tab to my blog to sell them online and I have put them in my shop spaces.   I really enjoy making them.  My stash of beadboard is all pretty newish looking so when I found this weathered beadboard with it's chippy white paint I just had to make some frames with it. 

They look great together

Or mixed with other wood frames.  The white one is not beadboard although it looks like it in the picture. 

I will be taking these down to Abundance Vintage in Centralia in the next week or so to put in my new booth.  Yep, that's right I finally committed to a space instead of just consigning a few pieces here and there. I am very excited about it! I think it is just the right place for me.  If you want to see photos of my booth check out my facebook page.  


If you want to see more styles check out the Beadboard Frames tab at the top of my page.  If nothing else you can see how complicated I can make ordering a frame.
Hope you are having a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!

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