Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Union Jack Inspired Chair Redo

Here's a little chair makeover I've been working on.  This chair spoke to me.  A few weeks back I posted about a small dresser that did not speak to me.  In fact I posted about it to beg for some help.  Thank you so much to those who offered suggestions.  It was so much fun for me to get your feedback.   I have been ignoring that dresser but your advice did help and I will get back to it eventually.  So back to this chair.  This chair told me he did not want to be painted and he begged for the Union Jack treatment.   I am losing it aren't I?  This is what happens when you are home all day with only furniture to talk to....

Seriously though, I just really loved the worn dark patina of this chair and I just couldn't paint it.   As for the Union Jack flag design on the back, I had to do it. 

The before "fabric" was a sponge painted looking gold vinyl.   Sort of a hard crispy vinyl.  It was attached with upholstery tacks and came off very easily, thank goodness.

Here is what it looked like underneath.

The back had some sort of hard thing that looked like it was used to print newspaper advertisements.  (in the photo above it's upside down and backwards) The burlap on the bottom has upholstery strapping underneath. 

For the seat I replaced the cushion with thicker foam and reused the cotton batting for the chair back because it was in great shape, nothing could get through the vinyl that had been on there.  I added some new batting and stapled it on to smooth everything out.

For the seat I covered it with drop cloth fabric, wrapped it tightly around and stapled to the bottom. I thought about adding a ruffled or knife pleated skirt to this chair but it seemed right without it.  Keeping it simple lets those front legs really stand out. 

For the back I took two pieces of my fabric and pinned around it like you would for a slip cover.  Then I cut it leaving a 1/2" seam allowance.  Before I sewed them together I attached the Union Jack Fabric to the front piece.  I used strips I cut from some fabric sample swatches I had.  I sewed around each piece 1/4 inch from the edge so the edges could unravel.  Then I slid the little slip cover on and used upholstery tacks on the bottom to finish it off.  


I really like it. him, Jack.  Yep I'm losin' it.

I will be taking Jack down to a new store that I have a few pieces in.  It is called Abundance Vintage in Centralia Washington.  When I asked around several people told me it was the place to be so I scooted on down there to make it happen.  Visit them on Facebook and you can check out my shop page to see what pieces I have there.  I'm excited!  Susan the owner, is such a sweetheart and there are some great vendors with tons of my kind of stuff! Can't wait to meet them all!

Have a great week!


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