Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shelf into Planter Box

An old friend once told me that you should always be reading three books at a time.  One that teaches you something, one that feeds your soul and one just for fun.   I can only handle one book at a time but it seems I do this with my projects.  One to sell, one for our home, and one totally random just because I feel like it project.  Today I have two random ones to share. 

The first is an old shelf I turned into a planter.  I made the shelf a few years ago and tried to sell it at a few bazaars and no one bought it.  It was kinda dingy.  I was looking at it thinking maybe if I repaint it or add another shelf or something it would sell.  Then it just occurred to me, make it a planter. 

The top and back are cedar and I had one chunk of cedar beadboard left over from some other project so perfect.  

The bottom shelf was set in just the right amount so that the beadboard fit flush with the sides. I glued and nailed it in there.  I drilled some drainage holes in the bottom and painted it blue to match my barn door & roof.

I also added some antique nails to the bottom and hung an old pair of clippers that were in a shed.  I love the green handle.

The other project I wanted to share was a solution for my lack of flowers around here.  I told myself that I can't go out and buy a bunch of flowers this year so when my in-laws asked what I wanted for my birthday I said flowers.  They got me a gorgeous hanging basket.  

Instead of hanging it I had another idea.

I have a huge planter that's always hard to fill up.  I never seem to buy enough plants.  There was nothing left alive in it but Creeping Jenny.  Anyone need Creepy Jenny I have tons it is taking over?  I moved the Creepy Jenny so that it was spaced evenly, dug a hole in the center, then plopped in the hanging basket.  Container and all. 

Boom! Instant pretty!

I am sure that I am not the first to do this but I thought I'd share.  Because I.love.it!

So do you have three projects going at one time too? It's usually more than three huh ;)


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