Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Roll Top Desk Makeover

or another title for this post would be "just roll with it".  I didn't take a before of this desk but just picture light oak stain.  My intention was to paint it just white.  Old White ASCP because I didn't want to prime.  I did sand the desk top because that gets more wear and tear.  Well three coats later and I was having bleed through on the desk top.  At this point I ran out of the Old White so I decided two toned it is.  I mixed my own chalk paint using my dining room wall color (satin finish) and plaster of paris.  recipe: 1/2 cup plaster of paris mixed with 1/2 cup water, then mix with 1 cup paint. 

I taped off a line so that when the top is shut you wont see the gray blue inside.  I thought about stenciling something accross the line but after I distressed it I liked it. 

I then decided to add a little of the color to the detailed part on the legs.

I like how it turned out.  I finished the whole thing with wax.  I am sorta in love with wax right now. 

The hardware was brass.  I was going to spray paint it with oil rubbed bronze so I sanded the brass lightly and the finish came right off.  Now I had brushed nickel.  I liked that even better.

I have never painted a roll top desk before.  My concern was how to paint the track so that it will still move.  I painted it with two light coats sanding really well in between coats and then waxed to finish.  You can see from the pictures that most of the paint sanded off but with a distressed finish it works.  For the top part I just made sure not to have too much paint on the brush when I painted the ends that were in the track.  It worked great. 

I think my next piece needs to be bright teal or peacock blue or something, I am craving some color. 

TTFN (I hope that still means what I think it means) ;)-


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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shelf into Planter Box

An old friend once told me that you should always be reading three books at a time.  One that teaches you something, one that feeds your soul and one just for fun.   I can only handle one book at a time but it seems I do this with my projects.  One to sell, one for our home, and one totally random just because I feel like it project.  Today I have two random ones to share. 

The first is an old shelf I turned into a planter.  I made the shelf a few years ago and tried to sell it at a few bazaars and no one bought it.  It was kinda dingy.  I was looking at it thinking maybe if I repaint it or add another shelf or something it would sell.  Then it just occurred to me, make it a planter. 

The top and back are cedar and I had one chunk of cedar beadboard left over from some other project so perfect.  

The bottom shelf was set in just the right amount so that the beadboard fit flush with the sides. I glued and nailed it in there.  I drilled some drainage holes in the bottom and painted it blue to match my barn door & roof.

I also added some antique nails to the bottom and hung an old pair of clippers that were in a shed.  I love the green handle.

The other project I wanted to share was a solution for my lack of flowers around here.  I told myself that I can't go out and buy a bunch of flowers this year so when my in-laws asked what I wanted for my birthday I said flowers.  They got me a gorgeous hanging basket.  

Instead of hanging it I had another idea.

I have a huge planter that's always hard to fill up.  I never seem to buy enough plants.  There was nothing left alive in it but Creeping Jenny.  Anyone need Creepy Jenny I have tons it is taking over?  I moved the Creepy Jenny so that it was spaced evenly, dug a hole in the center, then plopped in the hanging basket.  Container and all. 

Boom! Instant pretty!

I am sure that I am not the first to do this but I thought I'd share.  Because I.love.it!

So do you have three projects going at one time too? It's usually more than three huh ;)


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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flag Art piece

Here's a little art piece I made from bead board scraps.  It is my version on the beadboard flags I've seen.  

Kind of remind you of oh I don't know ....a target maybe.  

When I first painted it I was not lovin it but after heavy distressing, light and dark wax, I am diggin it now.  I put it up on my mantle for the 4th.

I am definitely making myself another one for after the 4th and painting it a watery blue, maybe duck egg blue ASCP, to fit in with the coastal vibe I have going in the living room.   I am thinking of adding this to my shop page for custom orders as well as beadboard picture frames like I made for a giveaway last year. I just love beadboard.  

So what are your plans for the 4th? 

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Garden Trellis from Salvaged Wood

What a beautiful day we had today!  So beautiful I threw the to-do list I made last night out the window and decided to work on a garden project. 

I built the pallet gate last month and thought it needed something above it.  I used wood salvaged from the old garage we tore down last summer.  Since the pallet gate is so beefy I thought 2 x 4 's would be the ticket.  I needed four.  The project only took me about three hours and I completed it in one day which is almost unheard of for me. 

I started by measuring the angle of the potting shed roof because I wanted to duplicate that.  It was 120 degrees so I cut four 2 x 4's at 60 degrees at each end. 

To attach the pieces at the peak I drilled pocket holes into the boards.  Since I was handling this thing by myself it helped keep everything tightly together.

Then I cut a chunk of a 4 x 4 and sandwiched it between the two angle pieces putting the pocket holes to the inside. I used four screws on each side.  

For the 2 x 2's I ripped the leftover pieces of 2 x 4's with my table saw.  Of course you could just buy 2 x 2's.  Then I had to do math to figure out the spacing.  They are spaced 8 1/2" on center and are 18" long.

Since I am impatient I decided not to wait for my husband to get home to install it.  It wasn't too heavy just really awkward.  I basically got one end up there then the other.  I held it up with clamps and a long 2 x 4.  I used a level on the 2 x 4 cross piece to help me make sure it was even & centered. 

I drilled holes and used bolts to secure the trellis to the posts.

For those who are looking at these photos and thinking what garden it looks like rocks? the garden is actually in front of the potting shed and isn't looking photo worthy right now.   I like to think I'm a gardener but really I'm not that great at it.  Too inconsistent.  Plants die if you don't water them, it's the weirdest thing.  I do love trying though.

Now I need something to grow on that trellis.  I'm thinking ivy. Can't kill ivy I've tried.  Have a great week!

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Sponsor

I am very happy to introduce you to my very first sponsor on this here blog.  Actually I already introduced you to her back in April when she designed my new logoIt's Molly of Mixed Molly Designs.  I could not be more excited to have her as a sponsor. 

Molly has been a graphic designer for over 10 years and specializes in graphic design and branding for small business and artist's.  She does logos, business cards, websites, blogs, printed marketing material, catalogs, product and business photography, custom invitations, announcements, and greeting cards.  Whew that's quite a list!  If you can think it, she can design it!

I never showed you my business card design she did for me did I?

I love it! 

She also has a blog where she shares her love of photography. 

I can tell you from my own experience that she is crazy talented and a pleasure to work with!  Hop on over and check her out!

If you are interested in advertising here at Blue Roof Cabin please email me I would love to hear from you!


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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Union Jack Inspired Chair Redo

Here's a little chair makeover I've been working on.  This chair spoke to me.  A few weeks back I posted about a small dresser that did not speak to me.  In fact I posted about it to beg for some help.  Thank you so much to those who offered suggestions.  It was so much fun for me to get your feedback.   I have been ignoring that dresser but your advice did help and I will get back to it eventually.  So back to this chair.  This chair told me he did not want to be painted and he begged for the Union Jack treatment.   I am losing it aren't I?  This is what happens when you are home all day with only furniture to talk to....

Seriously though, I just really loved the worn dark patina of this chair and I just couldn't paint it.   As for the Union Jack flag design on the back, I had to do it. 

The before "fabric" was a sponge painted looking gold vinyl.   Sort of a hard crispy vinyl.  It was attached with upholstery tacks and came off very easily, thank goodness.

Here is what it looked like underneath.

The back had some sort of hard thing that looked like it was used to print newspaper advertisements.  (in the photo above it's upside down and backwards) The burlap on the bottom has upholstery strapping underneath. 

For the seat I replaced the cushion with thicker foam and reused the cotton batting for the chair back because it was in great shape, nothing could get through the vinyl that had been on there.  I added some new batting and stapled it on to smooth everything out.

For the seat I covered it with drop cloth fabric, wrapped it tightly around and stapled to the bottom. I thought about adding a ruffled or knife pleated skirt to this chair but it seemed right without it.  Keeping it simple lets those front legs really stand out. 

For the back I took two pieces of my fabric and pinned around it like you would for a slip cover.  Then I cut it leaving a 1/2" seam allowance.  Before I sewed them together I attached the Union Jack Fabric to the front piece.  I used strips I cut from some fabric sample swatches I had.  I sewed around each piece 1/4 inch from the edge so the edges could unravel.  Then I slid the little slip cover on and used upholstery tacks on the bottom to finish it off.  


I really like it. him, Jack.  Yep I'm losin' it.

I will be taking Jack down to a new store that I have a few pieces in.  It is called Abundance Vintage in Centralia Washington.  When I asked around several people told me it was the place to be so I scooted on down there to make it happen.  Visit them on Facebook and you can check out my shop page to see what pieces I have there.  I'm excited!  Susan the owner, is such a sweetheart and there are some great vendors with tons of my kind of stuff! Can't wait to meet them all!

Have a great week!


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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oak Barrel Planter for Relay for Life

For years now I have been involved in Relay for Life which is the main volunteer-driven cancer fundraising event of the American Cancer Society.  Every year as part of the fundraising most teams sell tickets for raffle items at the event.  It's a fun way to raise money and gives participants something to check out at each booth as you walk around the track.  Last year I built and donated a Hall Tree to raffle which I posted about here.  This year I wanted to build something different.

My Relay for Life team and I decided a planter would be a great item to raffle off and while I was searching pinterest for inspiration I found this pin.  

It is a tutorial by Kate of Centsational Girl blog where she created a beautiful planter from half a wine barrel.  I follow her fabulous blog and loved the planter back when I originally saw it last year.  Everyone agreed it would be perfect!  My version looks more like her inspiration but I love them both.

For a tutorial and some tips on making your own check out Kate's post she lays it all out for you.  For mine the barrel is cut in half and the cut pieces are used to make the back of the top triangle. 

I can't tell you how many hours of fun I had with Charli dropping her ball in it every five seconds.  It was such a nice day I just couldn't put her in the house.

 (fancy blue cart not included, this thing is heavy)

These photos were taken right after I planted it.  The flowers have really filled in the past week.  There are dark pink geraniums blooming now.

Any local friends that want to buy a ticket can pick them up at the Relay for Life event held at Shelton high school on June 22nd, 23rd or you can email me and I will hook you up with tickets, you don't have to be present to win.  Hopefully we will be able to raise some money for this great cause.  Have a great weekend!

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