Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Moving from Blogspot to Custom Domain

Hello friends.  How's it going?  Me I am doing well.  I've been tweaking this old blog again.  For one I have been messing with my side bar.  I don't use a test blog which is probably not smart but totally how I roll.  I often wonder if anyone ever is on my page when I am tweaking and sees how many weird issues I have.  Like when little html gadgets are huge and taking up half the blog.  

The biggest thing I have done is I made the jump from a blogspot address to a .com.  I purchased my Domain name.  If you are reading this in a reader than you wouldn't notice but if you are on my page take a look up there it says  No more blogspot in my address.  How fun.  

There are several different ways to purchase your domain name and several options for hosting.  So many that I can't even pretend to know the best option for anybody.  There is a lot of information out there for you to make the best decision for yourself.

I found out that the easiest thing for me was to purchase my domain name through blogger.  Really it was more like a small step than a jump.  Blogger makes it so easy for you.  It does have a small cost though, $10 a year.  For me the joy my blog brings me is worth it.  The other benefit to me was blogger still hosts your blog for free so I did not have to learn any new program.  I still log into Blogger and everything looks the same in the background.  Blogger does what I need it to do right now.  As my blog grows that may change but one thing at a time.

How do you do it? 
From your Blogger dashboard go to settings, about the middle of the page is publishing, underneath it says add a Custom Domain.  Click on that and it will walk you through the process. 

After you go through the steps expect it to take up to three days for everything to be complete.  Of course it took all of those three days before my old blogspot address redirected to the .com.  I was starting to sweat it but I read that it can take that long so I just had to tell myself not to worry til day four.

So the obvious questions are what happens to followers, subscribers, pinterest, facebook, AdSense.........

That's the best part.  People are automatically redirected to the new address and all my old posts are still available.  I kept my followers, pinterest traffic and I didn't have to do anything extra for AdSense either.  

So why did I do it?  I recently met a sweet gal who used to have a blog.  She asked me if I owned my domain name and when I told her no she told me a story.  Basically she had grown her blog to 1500 followers.  She did not register her blogs domain name and someone else did.  Okay so I was terrified.  Blue Roof Cabin is my name.  It's my home, my blog, and now my business no one else can have it.  I am emotionally attached to the name.  So I came home read up on it and made the decision.  Honestly I hadn't been seriously thinking about it until then because I thought it would be harder to do than it is.  It was one of those things I would get to eventually.

Some benefits I read about for making the switch included appearing more professional.  For me I love other blogspot blogs when I see one I see my peeps but others say the majority find .coms to seem more professional.  Not everyone is familiar with blogs which is crazy talk I say, but it's true. I guess I have seen this with people I know.  They say oh you have a website? and when I say it's a blog they go "a blog?? oh." (insert confused face)  Or when you tell them the blog address and get to the blogspot part their eyes glaze over. is just easier.  Then there's owning your domain name. Mine mine mine. 

Some cons on switching include a drop in blog ranking and search engine traffic.  Most people said that that only lasted 6 months or so.  

Overall I'm happy with the switch and it went smoothly for me.  So many of us are figuring things out as we go so I thought I'd share.  If any issues come up I will let you know.

So have you been thinking about it?  Anything to add?

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Turn a Plain Door into a Barn Door

Here's a quick project that has a lot of impact.  The idea came to me while I was trying to figure out a design for the dutch door I want to install in the dining room.  I kept walking back and forth to my shop to get supplies and it clicked.  I could make the boring shop door look like a barn door.  We have talked about replacing it eventually but I thought I'd spiff it up a bit in the mean time.  As usual I am easily distracted....

The door is solid wood.  All I needed for this project was three eight foot 1 x 6's.  I purchased mixed white wood boards from Home Depot.  They are lighter weight and less expensive then pine or cedar.   They were $4.12 a piece.

With the door closed I measured the distance across and cut three boards.  I subtracted 1/8" so the board would clear the door frame on the right side.  The middle one fit nicely between the door knob and the deadbolt.  I attached the boards with my nail gun.  Then I laid the cross boards across the door and marked the angles to cut with my chop saw. 

When the door is open this is what it looks like.  There is a gap that allows for the door casing.  That's why you need to attach while the door is shut.

I chose to lay out the angle pieces in this design so they wouldn't land where the door knob is.  That way I wouldn't have to cut out holes.  I painted the door blue like the garage door to tie in with the blue roof on the cabin. I decided to paint the trim the same color so it would blend in with the door.

That's it easy peasy and it makes me happy every time I walk in my shop.  It's the little things.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mimi vs the Dresser

Help me please.   This little dresser is killing me.  I picked it up over a month ago because it was inexpensive, solid wood and I figured I could do something with it, no problem.  

Except I cant stand it.  It started with me thinking hmm I have this can of Old Violet ASCP that I won a while back that I haven't used yet.  I will just paint it with that. 

That didn't do it.  So I distressed it.

Still not right.  I went searching for ideas.  Enter the 1st, 2nd, 3rd.  I hand painted those babies on there.  

Still NO. That trim with the leaf design was throwing me off...

Why not dry brush a little Old White on it to highlight it's awesomeness.

Um NO.  This thing keeps getting worse and worse.

So basically I have learned a very important lesson:


Sorry little dresser I'm just not that into you.  Thank goodness I just finished waxing a piece I do love and restored my faith in myself. 

I think at this point I should donate it and cut my losses.  What would you do?

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

How I Built a Gate out of Pallets

I can't believe this is my first pallet project.  I have been wanting to make a gate for our garden for two years now.  Last year the deer helped themselves to my strawberry plants they need to stay out.  

To the right is my potting shed. 

To see more on my potting shed made out of salvaged materials click here.

To make my gate I used two pallets and a few 2 x 4's that we had left over from tearing down a shed. 

I decided I like the way it looked better with the slats being vertical.  Each side of the gate needed to be 40" wide so I had to makes some cuts with the skill saw.  I cut the middle one shorter to allow for the width of the 2 x 4.

Then I added a 2 x 4 to the cut end.

I didn't like the way it looked.  It look like a pallet. Imagine that. Also it was heavy and I wasn't sure the hinges would hold if they were just screwed into a 1 x 4.  I decided to add angled supports using 2 x 4's. I attached everything with nails and had to pre-drill holes because the bottom pieces were oak. fun.

I decided to put the prettier side facing in the garden since that's what we see most.  Hubby cemented in the post last year so all I had to do was attach the hinges.

It's functional and the wood was all free, gotta love that. I only had to buy the hardware.  Here's the back view.

We still need to fence in that small section to the right and add some horizontal boards on the left to better support the wire fencing and add some visual weight.  With this beefy gate it needs something.

I also want to add a trellis to the top and maybe gray wash it with thinned down paint or stain.  Oh let's be honest by the time I get to that it will have weathered naturally.

So that's my new gate.  Hope you have a great week!

I do realize that deer can jump my gate if they want to.  Hopefully they are too lazy.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Color Blocked Dresser

I hope everyone had a fabulous Mothers Day Weekend!  We sure did.  It was eighty degrees and beautiful here!  My husband BBQ'd salmon for his Mom and we also had fresh Hood Canal Ship, they are so good.  

Also this weekend I finished up a waterfall dresser I picked up months ago.  I finally decided on a color.  Because I am planning to sell this piece it was hard to decide.  It finally spoke to me.

I used Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Old White for the Body and Duck Egg Blue for the top and drawers.

I have already painted two other pieces with Duck Egg Blue it is the prettiest color.  Especially after it is waxed.

The before was a lovely avocado green. 

I painted the top and drawers Old White first so that some would show through when distressed.  I really wanted that scratchy distressed look so I used 100 grit sandpaper.  I finished it off with wax.  

I was going to replace the original hardware because it was antique brass but decided to see what they would look like spray painted with oil rubbed bronze and I think it did the trick.  I really like the handles now. 

& I love the little wheels. 

So what do you think?  Are you feeling the color blocked paint look?  Have a great week!

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Monday, May 7, 2012

I Built a Ships Ladder

Check another one off the list.  My Kitchen/Dining room's to do list has a lot of items on it.  I think these stairs are number 42 of 500.  If you've been following for awhile you know the story.  If you're new here well let me just say our house is not your typical house. 

A while back I posted about how I ripped out the old stairs that were here and added the built-in cabinets shown above.  That left a doorway floating in the middle of the wall.  We didn't really need this entrance to the office since there's another one on the other side of the kitchen but we didn't want to close it off either.  I decided I wanted ladder stairs.  I think they are fun and quirky and they don't take up a lot of space.  When I googled for research on how to build them I learned the proper name for them is actually a ships ladder. So fancy.

Honestly the only person who will probably use these stairs is the cat. (of course I have gone up and down them at least twenty times just for funzies.)

I decided on 2 x 8 boards to make my stairs. I found the angle I wanted by simply leaning a board at the angle I liked.  Then I took a 2 x 4 and laid it on the floor and drew a line.  It ended up being approx a 70 degrees.  Then I cut it with the skill saw. 

I cut the top of the board to fit the bottom plate of the doorway. I could have left it straight but then they would have stuck out farther.

To find the spacing of the steps I measured from the bottom plate to the floor following the angle and divided by four.  Here's a link I found helpful that shows recommended measurements for ship ladders.   

To attach the tread to the stringers I drilled three pocket holes on each side of the treads and attached with glue and screws.  The holes are underneath so you cant see them.

I decided to use a dark oil based stain to match the top of the built-ins and kitchen island.  Then two coats of oil based polyurethane. 

I will bolt the stairs into the door casing once the floor is fixed.  For now it's just screwed.

I painted the doorway trim white to match everything.  I'm still planning to build a new deeper shelf to go above the built-in's.  The black isn't working anymore.  Maybe we'll take it down when hubby gets home tonight.  It's bugging me.

Here's a sneak peak at my next project.

I'm going to be honest here and tell you that the upstairs office is always a mess.  My plan is to add a dutch door so when we have guests they cant see into the messy office.  Most of the time we will leave it part way open for the cat to get to his food.  I want to paint the door a fun color.  I used Ipiccy's layering function and added a rectangle shape to get a feel for what it will look like. I hope it looks better then this photo I have limited skills in this department.

So what do you think?  Is it weird, or quirky and fun?  Have a great week!

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Photo Card Giveaway Winner

Just popping in to announce the winner of the custom Photo Card giveaway from Mixed Molly Designs.  Thanks to all who entered and for the sweet comments on my new logo! 

The winner is....

I love your new logo and design and I will check Molly out for sure.


Congrats Gretchen I will email you the information soon!
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beadboard Cupboard

And I shall call him Kermi.  I don't normally name my projects, but once in awhile I do if they speak to me.  This guy wanted to be called Kermi (as in Kermit the frog ya know, cause he's green.)  I love this color green.  It's so springy.

(see my new silver teapot? It is perfectly tarnished. sigh.)

A month or so ago, when I went shopping for research, I noticed several old bead board cabinets in antique stores.  I really like the look of them.  I was inspired to build one.  I have a stash of bead board that my in-laws gave me when they moved out of state (miss them) and I decided to stop hoarding it and put it to good use.  I can always get more right? 

The bead board comes in 5/8" thick boards.  For the sides I glued five boards together and braced them with 1 x 3's by gluing and nailing.  Those braces then support the shelves on the inside. 

For the back I just used 1 x 4's because from the inside the bead board looks like a regular 1 x 4. 

Same thing for the door except I used 1 x 4's to brace it. I made sure they didn't line up with the shelves so the door would close.  

For the shelves I used scraps of plywood that I cut to size with my table saw.  I faced them with 1 x 2 pine to make them look more substantial. 

I had to do some ripping with the table saw for the corners to match up.  I didn't miter them I just butted them together and attached with pocket holes & glue on the inside.  (I made sure to place the the pocket holes so they would be covered by the 1 x 3 shelf supports so I didn't have to fill the holes)  The dotted line is where the corner pieces met up.  

This next picture you can see where it didn't meet up perfectly on the top part of the other side. No problem it's rustic right?

For the finish I painted with flat latex paint the color is called Resplendent Fern Green from Walmart.  I sanded to distress, then applied dark oil based stain as a glaze.  For the top coat I used wipe on poly in a satin finish. On the inside I used a semigloss cream color that I had in my stash.  I like how the lighter color keeps the inside bright.  

Sorry this is not a proper how-to post with actual photos of the process but I didn't think I was going to post about it. Then I wanted to.  If you have questions let me know.

It will be hard to let Kermi go, we've bonded.  Even my husband's been calling him Kermi.  Do you get attached to your projects too?  Tell me it's not just me.  I will be adding him to the shop page just as soon as I'm done looking at him.

P.S. Don't forget to enter the giveaway if you haven't already! 

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