Monday, April 9, 2012

Who the Heck is Mimi? and a Business Update

Did I ever tell you my name is actually Michelle?  Mimi is my nickname.  It wasn’t that I wanted to hide my true identity that I chose to use Mimi.  I just like it.  Also there are a lot of Michelles in the world.  A LOT.  I got the nickname from one of my favorite people that I used to work with, Krystal.  My first and last names both start with MI and at work we always had to initial everything.  One day Krystal said my chicken scratch looked like Mimi.  She started calling me that and it stuck.  The only problem is now that I am building a business the question comes up, what do I put on my business card?  I am thinking I will put my full name then list my email which starts with mimi right underneath.  Hopefully people will get it.

I thought I'd take a minute to give an update on how the new business is going.  So many people have commented that they hope to be able to do something similar one day so I want to share my journey with you.  I have learned so much from other bloggers sharing what they have gone through. I can't always just take from the blog world, gotta give back right? 
So first off it has been awesome.  I am trying to enjoy every step. I am definitely not bored.  I am keeping so busy working on things that I keep forgetting to eat.  (don’t worry I make up for it at night) I am working on making a schedule for myself that works.  It is hard at times to stay focused and motivated when nobody is there to call me on it.  It helps to map out my week on Monday.  A make a weekly goal list that includes projects I must finish, projects I want to work on and blog goals.  I love to start new projects but finishing, like totally finished not just camera ready, is the hard part.   

I'm not gonna lie though it's not all sunshine and roses.  Not having a regular pay check is freaking me out.  I knew when you quit your job the pay checks stop but it's still hard.  I have sold several small things and a few big but I obviously am not making what I did before.  I'm still figuring out what to price things at, what will sell, and what I want to make.  I thought I wanted to just build and re-purpose but I keep finding deals on furniture to refurbish and I am liking switching back and forth. 
The hardest part about working at home for me is not having all those coworkers to play with. I used to have people to talk and laugh with all day long. I can only call my sister so many times in a day before she stops answering.  I am trying to make it a point to meet up with friends at least once a week to keep me sane.  Oh and I miss my Tully's French Roast Coffee every morning.  I suppose I could buy a bag for myself and make it at home but it's not the same.  It's an adjustment, I am definitely not complaining though. 

So for the business part what I've decided is that I need to try several different methods to get my stuff out there.  The plan is to keep some things in local shops but to also use Craig’s list for larger items and furniture.  I have placed a couple larger items on Craig’s list to see how that would go and I sold them pretty quickly.  I also plan to post items to my facebook page that are for sale as well as list things on the shop page of my blog.  I have been doing a lot of research on other peoples blogs and have seen people doing all kinds of cool things.  I noticed one seller on Craig’s list added a line at the bottom of their items for sale that says, “for other items for sale check out our website”  Brilliant right.
Oh and I also found out a change is coming with the shop I have my space in.  She will be moving to a new much smaller location next month so I will not have my own space with her anymore.   I still plan to consign some smaller things in her store but it is up in the air how that will look exactly.    
I am also working on a logo, fun news on that coming soon, which will then lead to a new blog look, fancy business cards and product tags.   Oh and I need a blog button of course.  
Then there's this blog.  Do I add advertising? Do I sign up with a network?  I have gotten a few emails with offers for giveaways and sponsored posts but they haven't felt right to me and quite frankly I wasn't ready yet.  Of course I would love to make a little money for all the time I put into this but then it wont just be my happy place anymore, ya know?  I'm still working that out but my goal is this month to make a move.

Lastly you may have noticed all the pictures of me in this post?  No?  Well that's me.  I got my picture taken.  Actually 100 pictures taken.  It takes that many to get a good one of me. I just wanted one good photo for my blog. You know one that wasn't taken in a bar with my friend cropped out like I had before.  I have to tell you it was quite an experience. I do not like photos of myself.  I mean at all.  It's ridiculous, like get over yourself, right?  So I decided to just post them.  I always like seeing photos of other bloggers, don't you?  No one cares that I have wrinkles, a crooked eye when I smile, or that I am in desperate need of highlights.   My photographer friend April took my photos.  I trust her.  She's one of those people who is comfortable in her own skin and is just easy to be around.  Her faith just shines.  If you are local check out Impressions by April on Facebook she's brilliant.
So that's where I am at.  I want to ask you awesome blog friends for your advice.  (actually I'm begging please help me) How do you sell your product?  Does Facebook or Craig's list work for you?  Do you have advertising on you blog?  What kind of advertising annoys you.  Any and all advice would be so appreciated. If you prefer to email please do mimisblueroofcabin AT gmail(DOT)com.
Thank you all so much for your comments and support, I can't even began to tell you how much it means to me.

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