Saturday, April 14, 2012

Coffee Table to Entryway Storage

There is just something about white cubby storage that makes my heart go pitter-pat.  I can't believe it has been months since I worked on this project.  I first blogged about it back in November!!!  Back then I showed how I cut a coffee table in half to make the bench.  My intention was to use the other half to make a matching shelf.  What was holding me up wasn't that I didn't like the project it was that it wouldn't fit in my house or my shop space.  I finally got around to finishing it.

The only part of the coffee table I ended up using for the shelf was the top.  I wanted to tie the two pieces together.   I also made sure the shelf cubbies lined up with the benches cubbies.  For the rest I used pine boards.

I used pocket holes to screw everything together as well as glue and nails in some places.  It's heavy so I wanted it to be sturdy.  I hand painted the whole thing with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP)in Old White and finished it with acrylic satin for durability. A paint sprayer is on my want list(hope I win Gails Commandmax sprayer giveaway).  Hand painting inside cubbies makes me want to poke my own eyes out.

I heavily distressed for a rustic shabby chic look. 

Tons of storage.  This would look great with baskets in the bench cubbies.  Walmart, Target and Ikea all have baskets that will fit.  I have some that fit but I don't want to give them up.  I am a basket hoarder.

Super cute feet and paneled side detail.  The Hooks and handles are an oil rubbed bronze finish.

I knew I would have to sell this since my entryway is the size of a small closet, but I wish I could keep it.  I will be posting to the shop page & facebook just as soon as I decide on a price. I am thinking one million dollars for all the time I put in.  Do you think that's too much?  

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  1. Mimi I love it! and the paint finish is fabulous! and if I'd known you wanted a paint sprayer, you could have had mine... just gave it to my neighbour. :(

    Great job - AGAIN!

  2. Love the distressing. These will look great in someone's home! Is chalk paint like milk paint?

  3. Love the distressing. These will look great in someone's home! Is chalk paint like milk paint?

  4. Love the distressing. These will look great in someone's home! Is chalk paint like milk paint?

  5. This turned out AMAZING! You are so unbelievably talented :)

  6. I love the color/distressing--it's perfect! :) You've done a great job, but a million might be a tad too much.


  7. Mimi
    I love these pieces!
    I would buy them, but
    shipping alone would
    be a million!

  8. GREAT job, Mimi!!!
    You are so creative!!!
    I am just staring my blogging (almost 2 months now) and
    I can ONLY paint with ASCP, lol!
    I have painted my fireplace and of course walls...
    I have heard of people spray painting but never tried but since my latis (latice??) disaster I bought a can of spray paint and I am waiting for a nice sunny day to finish (the latice shelf).
    I bought a Martha Stewart sprayer at Michael's with a 50% coupon but later also want to igrate to bigger and better things. Cannot stand painting spindle chairs with a brush anymore...

  9. That turned out beautifully!
    I love how you thought outside the box!

  10. What great pieces. All your time and effort shows because it's going to make someone's home very happy!
    Mary Alice

  11. I'm passing the Versatile Blogger Award onto you! You're one of my favs, ya know! :)
    Go here to see the post that features your blog!

  12. Your talent is amazing and so is your project. I turned out wonderful and I just love the disstressing.

  13. Wow! How creative! I have a coffee table that came to mind for a project like this.... hmmm. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Two great pieces from one table. Love the finish. It truly looks like it came out a PB or Ballard catalog. Unbelievable!

  15. Beautiful!! I LOVE the way the pieces married together so seamlessly. I know that must have taken ages ro get "just so'.!!! I'm not real big on the distressed look, I like my stuff to look like it came straight out of the showroom, but yours turned out so nicely I might have to start giving shabby chic a try!! I cannot wait to get moved into our new place so I can give some of your ideas a try!!! I'm sure here in England I can find some real treasures to modify. Thanks for the link so I could see the final results together!! LOVE IT!!!

  16. Wow, what an amazing storage cabinet it has turned out to be! I have always wanted to try distressing a furniture piece but I am afraid I might just cause it to look haggard and ugly. Maybe I should experiment the technique out on something smaller before trying something more prominent in size. Thanks for sharing and yes, with all those efforts put in, you do deserve a million bucks!


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