Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Craftingness

I have noticed lately that I feel like being crafty.  Like busting out the glue gun crafty.  I think it must be because of the huge increase in building that I have been doing to try fill up my shop space. I have made a lot of small shelves, benches and picture frames lately.  All those things take up a lot of time.  First you build, then you paint, then the paint has to dry before you can distress or top coat.  I tend to design as I go so that adds time as well.  There's a lot of starring at things, waiting for inspiration to strike.

Crafting has helped me mellow out.  I think it's because I can start and finish something in a short amount of time.  Instant gratification.  Also I can do it while sitting on the couch maybe with a glass of wine if I want.  I definitely don't drink wine while using power tools.  That would not be wise. 

So what have I been crafting? Well for starters I made several spring burlap buntings for my shop space. Then the eggs.

Adorable little twine and jute wrapped eggs.  They are so cute!  The urge to make eggs started with a cabinet I picked up while thrifting.  It was navy blue with stars on it.  I thought it would be cute painted white and distressed. 

I primed and painted the cabinet with two coats of white satin paint. I knew I wanted to paint some words on it.  It took a couple days and this is what came to me.  It's like a mini chicken coup.  So you see that's why I needed some cute twine wrapped eggs and a nest.

and hen's and chicks in perfectly tarnished silver creamer. 

The twine I had in my stash but the jute and small foam eggs I got at the dollar store.  I love the size I put a quarter in the photo so you can see how small they are.

It was so fun to make those eggs.  Super easy just hot glue and wrap the twine around.  I did it on a lazy Sunday afternoon on the couch while the hubby and I were watching a movie on cable.  What movie?  Step Brothers,(don't judge) that Will Farrell is crazy.  Perfect movie for crafting because you don't really have to pay attention.

Anywho.  That's what I've been doing. How about you?  Oh and I totally jinxed myself by saying my next post would be my big dining room project.  But this time I swear my next post will be about that project, it's almost ready.


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Full Circle Creations said...

Love that mini chicken coup cabinet! And the eggs are darling!


Anne said...

so cute!

gail said...

I don't really like crafting, I feel really stressed when I "have" to craft for a blog post. But you are so right about how quick it is compared to building/painting, etc!

Your craftiness has paid off, everything's so cute!

MixedMolly said...

Love the stenciling on the cabinet and the tarnished silver creamer.

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