Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Space

I thought I would take a moment and show you my shop space.   For now I have only used half of it but soon I hope to fill the whole thing up.  It is so much fun to see my stuff all together displayed just how I want it.  I used an old door to hang things on and had my hubby weld a stand for it. 

I built an cubbie shelf like the one in my entry.  It is my favorite so I hope someone else will like it too!

My first week without a "real" job has been mostly wonderful but I'm not gonna lie I have not got done as much as I thought I would.  My husband keeps telling me to just enjoy it and don't be so hard on myself but I can't help it!  It will take some time to figure out what works for me.  What kind of things I want to build, what will sell.  I know some people think I should have figured all this out before I quit my job but I just couldn't.  My mind was so full of all the work stuff that I just didn't have enough left to do it. 

I started a facebook page for my blog if you would like to follow along that way.  Go here to like my page.  That was one item on my list checked off, yay for me I think I'm done for the week now. :) No?  You are right I should probably accomplish something else.  One thing at a time. Next up business cards and a sign for my space. (nope didn't make business cards before I quit either.) Then a shop page for the blog, then add google adsense so I can make $2.50ish a month.  See I've got plans people.     

My shop space is located at a Home decor and gift store in downtown Shelton Washington called Simply Home.  I have sold a few things there over the past year and when she decided to change things up and offer space in her store to vendors the timing was perfect. 

Okay here's where I get all mushy and emotional, if you are in the mood read on if not it's cool.....

I have gotten several emails and comments on my blog and in "real" life since announcing that I quit my job to follow my passion and I just wanna say a couple things.  First of all thank you, I love hearing from you guys. Second the common thread in all those comments is that many people hope to someday be able to do the same thing.   To them I say I hope you do but if you aren't able to right now don't lose your dream.  Keep it alive however you can.  The other side of that is that many people have said that they don't even now what it is they would do if they could do anything they wanted.  That kills me because I have been there.  I did not know what I loved to do until a few years ago.  I knew I liked to do it but I didn't realize how important it was to my sanity. That it was part of me. I thought it was silly.  My point is I think everybody has there thing.  That thing when you are doing it makes you feel smart and talented and like you were made to do it.  Maybe you don't know what that thing is yet or don't think it is good enough to be a "thing" but it is and you will find it.   

Life is all about timing.  There were many things in my life that brought me to this place, simply put it is just my time. 

My sweet friend Jackie, whom I have sat next to at work for the last four years, got me a book with inspirational quotes in it. She said she opened the book to this one & thought it was perfect for me,


Okay whew I feel better now.  I have a several projects that I have been working on so I'm gonna go now & finish one so I can share it with you!

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