Friday, March 16, 2012

The Mantle is in the Shop

I am excited to say the mantle I've been working on has finally made it into my shop space.  Here's an after picture. 

We got a break in the weather so I drug it outside to take some beauty shots.   

In case you missed it I found it at a Re-store for a great price because it had been there for three months.   Here's what it look like before. 

I cleaned it up and made a few small repairs.  Then I added a top and some trim to the front as well as the top.  I was torn whether or not to add crown to the top but didn't because I liked it simple.   I painted it white , distressed by sanding and glazing, then sealed it with poly.  

I leaned it up against my faux mantle in the living room for a couple days so I could make sure I was happy with it without crown.  I fell in love.  I wanted to keep it and sell the one I made myself a couple months ago.  Ultimately I decided mine was already attached to the wall better keep it.  If you would like to see mine go here.

Here it is in the store.

I got my craft on and made some spring bunting to add a little interest to my space.

I mentioned on my facebook page yesterday that I built a barn door to display the mantle.  I think it's fun and if I don't have a lot in my space it looks interesting.  I did sell a few things last week so I am thrilled! I need to get busy and make some more.

My next post will hopefully be about a huge project I have been working on in our dining room.  I just picked up the hardware for it so I am determined to finish this weekend.  One project for me, one for the shop right.  I will make no money that way but it sounds fun to me.

P.S.  If you are a no reply comment blogger I can't respond to the question in your comment, which is no fun.

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