Saturday, March 31, 2012

The French Treatment

What a gloomy week we have had in the Pacific Northwest.  It is soggy around here.  Hope your spring is a little sunnier. I am dying to get outside and plant some peas but it's just too cold to play in the dirt.  So instead I decided to pull out the staple puller and redo a chair.


I purchased this sweet chair a few weeks ago with the intention of refinishing it to sell.  She just screams give me the French Treatment, doesn't she?  How could I refuse.

As you can see the cane back of the chair was damaged.  I decided to remove it and replace it with fabric and double cord welting.  I also added piping to the seat cushion.  It definitely would have taken a lot less time if I had skipped that step but I wanted to give it a custom look.  The fabric is drop cloth.

For the paint I used a gray homemade chalk paint for the base coat.  There are several recipes out there but I used non sanded tile grout mixed with latex paint.  I think this recipe leaves a nice flat chalky appearance but it doesn't sand as beautifully as ASCP.  For the top I used a coat of ASCP in old white not worrying to much about full coverage. 

I sanded heavily to reveal the wood and gray paint.  Then finished with wax.

I love her wheels. You can't have a french chair without a french pillow though now can you?

For the pillow graphic I searched the Graphics Fairy's blog for inspiration and found Paris and the crown in different places and decided to put them together. I used the wax paper method to transfer the image.  Go here for a post on several different methods of transferring images.  Basically just print out your design on wax paper and burnish it onto the fabric with a credit card.  It didn't come out as dark as I wanted so I touched it up with a sharpie.

I know it's not for everyone but I love the french look with the use of multiple colors and heavy distressing.   I hope she finds a good home.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Had To Go Shopping It's Research

I thought I'd share a few fun things I found while doing some "research" with my sister on Wednesday.   I needed to find some stores that sell the kind of things I like to build and so I asked my sister to go shopping with me.  Of course she had no problem with that.   We decided to go to a little town near where she lives called Sumner Washington.  It's not very big but on main street they have about ten different stores that interested me.  All within about three blocks.  You can find it all there antiques, furniture, cute decor items, one of a kind pieces and even a thrift store.  I got lots inspiration and also was able to see what things are priced at which was the main reason for going.

Of Course I found a couple things that needed to come home with me.

a flower frog (I use picassa for my photo editing and I love the new upgrades. For this shot I used my new favorite orton-ish and vignette.)

a white vase, (doesn't it look like it's flexing its muscles?)

and this old fish scale for my husband.  I have decided he collects them.  I have found two now.  He loves to fish and he really does like them.

This silver dome ( or is it pewter?) I actually found a few weeks ago but I thought I'd throw him in.  I love the patina.  That's a little acorn on the top.

and lastly my sister had this waiting for me when I got to her house.  She got this old globe at an estate sale for 50 cents! Screaming deal!

I also picked up a white platter that is not anything valuable but I like the shape and a bar stool for my kitchen island.  I have been looking for one with a back and it was only ten bucks so I grabbed it.  It needs paint.  I am thinking of painting it a fun bright color. 

We had a great time and I found tons of inspiration.  Hope you are having an inspiring week as well!

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dining Room Built-In Cabinet Reveal

Here's a big project I've been working on for awhile.  I started this project on Superbowl weekend so it's been a lengthy process.  I put it on hold for awhile due to recent life events but I finally got back to it and I love how it turned out. 

I plan to post a how-to explaining how I built them next week but for now I just want to show you.

After much thought I decided to go with tung and groove doors to match all the tung and groove we already have going on in the banquette area and kitchen archway.  I really wanted them to look like they have always been here.

I wanted some cubbies for display and some storage behind doors.

I opted to go for old school hardware for the hinges and used a turn style knob. I think they have a nautical look to them like something you'd see on a boat.  Typically this style of knob is used when one side is stationary but I didn't want a center piece between my doors so I decided to use them anyways.  I love the look!     

That is what was there before.  An awkward stairway that we never used as stairs only to pile junk on and it was wrapped in yellow pine of course.   The doorway leads to the original cabin part of the house.

When we tore it out there was no flooring underneath.  That will be super fun to fix since the flooring is 13 year old pergo the kind with the glued seams.  We do have plenty of extra in the attic thank goodness.  Any tips on how to replace it I'd love to hear it.  We have not fixed the floor yet (notice I switched to we cause hubby is totally gonna have to help with that) so I laid out some of the extra pieces and did a little retouching in picasa so you and I could see what things will look like with the floor repaired. 

I opted for a wood top that I stained a mix of Jacobean and Red Mahogany Minwax oil based stain. This matches the kitchen Island counter.  I used a stain grade laminated pine board that came in a 16" x 8' piece. I got it a Lowes.  I used the wood conditioner first so the stain would penetrate evenly.  The paint color is Oyster Shell fom Walmart's Glidden line in semigloss. It's the same white I have used everywhere now and I think it is the perfect white.

Now my black shelf doesn't fit the space so I will have to make a new one.  If you follow me on pinterest you probably saw that I have been pinning plate rack style shelves like crazy for inspiration.  I will get to that eventually I need to think on it for awhile.  

Here's one last look side by side before and after,

So much better and it doesn't block the flow to the back door anymore.  Next up is to fix the floor then I plan to make ladder style stairs using 2 x 8's to put under the door.  Even though we don't go up to that room this way I think since there is a door there needs to be stairs.  Plus the cat uses them.  I think it will add to the quirky charm of the cabin.  After all that then it's back to the kitchen remodel I think I've put it off long enough!

Thanks for visiting!  I'd love to know what you think!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Craftingness

I have noticed lately that I feel like being crafty.  Like busting out the glue gun crafty.  I think it must be because of the huge increase in building that I have been doing to try fill up my shop space. I have made a lot of small shelves, benches and picture frames lately.  All those things take up a lot of time.  First you build, then you paint, then the paint has to dry before you can distress or top coat.  I tend to design as I go so that adds time as well.  There's a lot of starring at things, waiting for inspiration to strike.

Crafting has helped me mellow out.  I think it's because I can start and finish something in a short amount of time.  Instant gratification.  Also I can do it while sitting on the couch maybe with a glass of wine if I want.  I definitely don't drink wine while using power tools.  That would not be wise. 

So what have I been crafting? Well for starters I made several spring burlap buntings for my shop space. Then the eggs.

Adorable little twine and jute wrapped eggs.  They are so cute!  The urge to make eggs started with a cabinet I picked up while thrifting.  It was navy blue with stars on it.  I thought it would be cute painted white and distressed. 

I primed and painted the cabinet with two coats of white satin paint. I knew I wanted to paint some words on it.  It took a couple days and this is what came to me.  It's like a mini chicken coup.  So you see that's why I needed some cute twine wrapped eggs and a nest.

and hen's and chicks in perfectly tarnished silver creamer. 

The twine I had in my stash but the jute and small foam eggs I got at the dollar store.  I love the size I put a quarter in the photo so you can see how small they are.

It was so fun to make those eggs.  Super easy just hot glue and wrap the twine around.  I did it on a lazy Sunday afternoon on the couch while the hubby and I were watching a movie on cable.  What movie?  Step Brothers,(don't judge) that Will Farrell is crazy.  Perfect movie for crafting because you don't really have to pay attention.

Anywho.  That's what I've been doing. How about you?  Oh and I totally jinxed myself by saying my next post would be my big dining room project.  But this time I swear my next post will be about that project, it's almost ready.


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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Mantle is in the Shop

I am excited to say the mantle I've been working on has finally made it into my shop space.  Here's an after picture. 

We got a break in the weather so I drug it outside to take some beauty shots.   

In case you missed it I found it at a Re-store for a great price because it had been there for three months.   Here's what it look like before. 

I cleaned it up and made a few small repairs.  Then I added a top and some trim to the front as well as the top.  I was torn whether or not to add crown to the top but didn't because I liked it simple.   I painted it white , distressed by sanding and glazing, then sealed it with poly.  

I leaned it up against my faux mantle in the living room for a couple days so I could make sure I was happy with it without crown.  I fell in love.  I wanted to keep it and sell the one I made myself a couple months ago.  Ultimately I decided mine was already attached to the wall better keep it.  If you would like to see mine go here.

Here it is in the store.

I got my craft on and made some spring bunting to add a little interest to my space.

I mentioned on my facebook page yesterday that I built a barn door to display the mantle.  I think it's fun and if I don't have a lot in my space it looks interesting.  I did sell a few things last week so I am thrilled! I need to get busy and make some more.

My next post will hopefully be about a huge project I have been working on in our dining room.  I just picked up the hardware for it so I am determined to finish this weekend.  One project for me, one for the shop right.  I will make no money that way but it sounds fun to me.

P.S.  If you are a no reply comment blogger I can't respond to the question in your comment, which is no fun.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Coastal Cabin Mantle

I've been thinking about my decorating style and what the best way to describe it would be.  I have decided I'm Coastal Cabin.  I don't really follow any rules with my decorating, if I like it fits but recently I have been trying to be a little more intentional with my choices.  For me Coastal is represented by wicker, white painted woodwork, off white slipcovers, and the blues and greens in fabric and painted furniture.  The Cabin comes in with rustic distressed pieces, weathered wood, and a mismatched collected over time look.  

(If you want to see any of the projects in the above collage go to my project gallery tab at top of page for a link.)

This weekend we had friends over for dinner and I took one of them on a tour of my latest projects.  When we walked into my living room she said "it looks so beachy in here". Yay,that is exactly the feeling I am going for except that I like to call it "Coastal".

This brings me to my spring mantle.  I think it pretty much screams Coastal Cabin don't you?

I have been playing with it here and there all week.  I wanted to use what I had.  The lantern is an antique oil fixture from an old ship, the tackle box and fishing creel are items that have been around the cabin forever.

The only new items are the driftwood sailboat and the green "antique" box.  Both of them I made for free from my stash of random supplies.  I have wanted to make the sailboat forever and finally got around to it.  I did not have a driftwood stick for the mast so I used a dark stained dowel, I like the contrast.  I used drop cloth scraps for the sail and just tied them to the mast. I was going to do more but I liked it simple. 

For the inside of the mantle I kept my logs but switched out the all you need is love box for a wicker basket.  I needed some color so I made a wood box then painted & distressed it.  Funny the box is my favorite part of the whole display, I am in love with it.  (if you can be in love with a box.) 

Thanks for checking out my ever changing mantle.  I don't know about you but my favorite season is definitely Spring, Happy Spring friends!    

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