Thursday, February 9, 2012

So I Collect Silver Now?

Have you noticed that since you started reading decor blogs you have starting buying things you normally wouldn't?  Please tell me it's not just me.  I have really tried to stop doing this but sometimes I can't help myself.  (I have had a cheese dome in my closet for the last year that I have done nothing with). 

I went to the local thrift store this week on my one hour lunch break because I just needed a little me time.  A little creative time out.
(serious photo manipulation going on here, hmm what am I trying to hide? keep reading)

I spotted this silver gravy boat and I thought, this looks like something Robin would buy, she would love this.  

Previously I wouldn't have noticed this kind of stuff because I didn't see how it could fit into my decor.  But Robin makes me want to try to work a little silver into my life.  

So who's Robin?  Robin writes a blog that I follow called Happy at Home and she creates the most beautiful vignettes.  

As soon as I could I emailed her and asked if I could show my readers some of her beautiful photographs. She said of Yes! Here's some of her photos.

Isn't that silver pitcher to die for? 

I love how she mixes in the silver with white ironstone and rustic frames.

So when did I start channeling my inner Robin, I don't know.  It's all her fault though.  

So now for the confession.  I was so excited to find this fabulous piece that I didn't notice what rough shape it was in. Not that I had any idea what to look for.  When I got home and showed it to the hubby all excited he took one look at it and said that is silver plated look at the green it's probably copper underneath.  (thanks Mr smarty pants) Green what green?? Oh well I don't care if it's only silver plated I mean it was $3.97 but then I started to clean it and uh oh, some serious copper coming through and those rough spots with the green, they don't come off.  I googled for a solution, everything says with damage that severe it would have to be re-dipped.   

It's really bad. You were wondering how I didn't notice aren't you.  Well it was really really tarnished this is after I cleaned it.

Of course now I was mad at the darn thing and didn't want to look at it anymore. 

The next morning I woke up and took one look at it and decided I like it anyways, It is just gonna sit on shelf after all. tarnishing more. It doesn't have to be perfect.  I'll just put it on a high shelf.

Funny I have a glitter house next to it, Robin is obsessed with glitter houses.  I bought mine five years ago for our wedding.  We were married in a Mountain Lodge in January with tons of snow and it reminds me of the place.  I took it out for Christmas and left it out because I thought it would be perfect with our wedding photo on the Valentines Mantle.

Thanks Robin for inspiring my new addiction! 

So do you collect silver pieces? Any secrets for improving the finish for cheap? Would you keep a piece that is this bad or chuck it?     

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