Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Year in Review

Another year of blogging has come and gone.  I started the year out with a full time job and ended it with my own furniture business.  Weird.  I never would have thought I would do this.  It's funny how things in life change isn't it.  Before I get all sappy and head down that road how about I just give a little project review instead?

At the beginning of the year I was all fired up to remodel our kitchen.  I started by building a new Kitchen Island. 

The look I was going for was a vintage shop counter.   The kitchen remodel stopped there though because as I mentioned above I quit my day job to pursue my passion.  It's been an amazing journey for me.  I plan to post more about it (the good, bad, and the ugly) soon for those of you who have thought of doing it yourself. 

I started by renting a small space in a local gift shop.  

I also decided to try my luck selling on Craig's List.  For the most part it works pretty well.  All the above items sold within a week but not everything I've posted has.  

Then I DIY'd some Built in cabinets for our Dining Room.  Totally abandoning the kitchen.

As well as a Ship's Ladder, my favorite Home Improvement Project to date.  If you click on the link you will see the nightmare that was there before.  Major Improvement.  I just think they are so darn cute. 

Pallet Gate and Trellis

Then it was Spring and I did a little work in the garden and built a Gate and Trellis out of Pallets and some reclaimed wood.

By this time the Store I had my space in downsized so I went looking for a space somewhere else and found a home at Abundance Vintage in Downtown Centralia.

I started by consigning a few pieces which led to renting the window for a month, then my own space.  This is when all projects at home stopped because I decided to focus on pieces I could sell.  I have been building, re-purposing and painting for a long time but never to sell.  It's a totally different deal when you want to sell your creations.  I have really enjoyed figuring it all out and hope to find a better balance in 2013.  Here's a few of my favorite items that I have either built or refurbished to sell.

I have some exciting things coming up in the New Year including teaching Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Classes at Abundance Vintage.  There couldn't be a more perfect product for me to talk about.  I love distressed chippy finishes and what this product can do.  If you are local and interested in taking a class visit Abundance Vintage on facebook or send me an email for details. 

I want to thank all of you who read my blog.  It seems whenever I need a boost one of you will come through for me with a thoughtful email or comment.  I hope that once in awhile I come through for you too with some inspiration.  Here's to another great year!

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Secret Santa

I love playing Secret Santa.  When I worked outside my home we used to do that kind of thing all the time.  I actually used to be the one who organized all that stuff.  The party at work cheerleader.  If there was some sort of committee forming for fun I would be on it.  This year I was thinking I wouldn't get to play but then a group that I am in on facebook decided to do Secret Santa.   Yay I get to play after all.  So for the last few weeks everyday I would check the mail all excited like a little kid.  I love surprises.   

Here's what I got. 

My Secret Santa was Clydia from Three Mango Seeds.   She handmade me a sign with my Blog/business logo on it and a glitter letter M.  My initials are actually MMM.  She did a beautiful job!

What a perfect gift.  I am in the midst of trying to beautify my workshop and this will fit perfectly on my inspiration wall.  It's so nice to have something handmade by another blogger.  I get tired of looking at my own stuff.  You know what I mean.  

Thank you so much Clydia for my gift!  The blogger I had was Laura at Inspiration for Mom's who I've really enjoyed following.  It was so much fun to find these two new blogs.  Tons of inspiration! 

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Vintage Sofa Project: Upholstering the Outside Back of a Sofa

Next up on the Vintage Sofa Re-upholstery Project I'm going to talk about how to upholster the outside back of a curved sofa.  Remember when I said in the beginning that I wasn't in a hurry to get this project done?  Well now I am, I'm tired of it being on top of our desk in the craft room so I am determined to get this thing finished. 

If you missed the previous posts in this series here are the links:

Vintage Sofa Project
Tear Down to the Frame 
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Diamond Button Tufting

For this project I needed just shy of four feet of curve ease, two tack strips, double cord welting and hot glue to go around the base. 

Here's the back after tufting.  Because my sofa has a curved back I could not just staple the fabric to the top and flip it over.  I would never get it to lay smoothly along the curve.  That's where the curve ease (also called plygrip) comes in.  It can be bent anyway you like it.  This makes it a little more complicated than a straight back.

First thing was to attach some piping to the back edge of the sofa with my staple gun. 

Then stapled curve ease right up against the piping. Put a staple in every hole.  I purchased mine at a local upholstery shop that sells it by the foot.  You can also order it on line or find it at some fabric stores. 

Once installed I bent the teeth in a little bit to make it easier to grab the fabric.

I then laid my fabric across the back pulling it tight and used pins to hold it to the sides and top.  I stapled along the bottom a few times to secure it.  Next I cut the fabric along the curve at the top leaving 1/2 inch seam allowance.  

To tuck the fabric into the teeth you will need a flat tool, I used a butter knife.  There is a tool for this you can buy of course if you want.  I worked from the center out and hammered the teeth closed with a rubber mallet as I went.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy to work with the curve ease is. No need to be afraid of it. 


To finish the sides I used tack strips.  This part was a little intimidating to me because you have to poke holes in the fabric.  I started by laying the tack strip directly on top of piping. I pulled the fabric tight and pushed the tacks through the fabric.  I made sure the top of the tack strip was at the very top to get a nice crisp corner.

Then I turned the tack strip around wrapping it with the fabric and push it up close to the piping.  I used my mallet to hammer the points in.  Working top to bottom.  

It worked people.  Amazing. 

The back was probably my favorite part of this whole sofa because I have never used curve ease or tack strips before and it went very smoothly. 

Next up I taped off the legs and painted them white.  The reason I didn't paint them before I did all this was because I knew I would be moving this thing around a lot and they would probably get all scratched up.  Also I wasn't sure of what color to paint them yet. 

Then I hot glued double cord welting along the trim to finish things off.  

To make double cord welting cut a two inch strip of fabric lay your cording on top of it and wrap it with your fabric.  Then sew right down the middle with your sewing machine.  I have a double cord welting presser foot that I use but you can also use a regular foot.  You will get a tighter welt with the special foot but I have done it without and it turns out pretty good.  

Last thing to do is sew up the cushion and this baby will be complete.  I can't wait to stage it and take some beauty shots.  


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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chippy Three Legged Table

And for my next trick I will turn an old table into a table.  Well old table parts anyways.  I mentioned on facebook a month or so ago that I scored three fabulously chippy table legs.  

Along with the legs I had the front piece, one side and some random boards.  Since I only had three legs I decided to make a corner table.   

(For some reason I feel like I'm looking up this tables skirt with this shot) 

The front and side pieces had been cut mortise and tenon style to fit into the legs.  I was able to glue and clamp the front easy peasy.  Then I cut the side piece in half and attached half to each side. I used the remaining boards for the angled back pieces.  Pocket holes and screws attach everything together.  I used 1" thick cedar boards for the top.

Are you a fan of chippy old paint?  If not I am sure I'd laugh if I heard your reaction to this photo ;)  

Now for how I finished the top.  This was an experiment.  I wanted to do a treatment that would tie in with the chippy finish on the legs.  I decided to use Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.  Her color Mustard Seed matches the chippy color on the table legs perfectly.  Since cedar is very porous and the tannins in the wood tend to bleed through paint I decided to seal it with clear Shellac first.  I know your won't get the famous milk paint chippy-ness when you paint on raw wood but I thought maybe I'd get it to do it's thing if I sealed the wood.  In hind sight maybe I should have used two coats of shellac and let it dry longer. 

Next I painted a random coat of the color Mustard Seed.  After that dried I smeared some vaseline over the mustard color and on the bare wood were I didn't want the next paint color to stick.  I wish I had used crackle medium but I didn't have any.  Next I top coated with the color Ironstone.   

The next day there was no magic chipping or flaking but the vaseline technique left a few chippy looking spots.  I sanded until I got the look I wanted.  I love how the grain of the wood is showing and little bits of the Mustard color are peaking through.   

I applied a coat of Miss Mustard Seeds wax to the whole piece to protect and seal the paint.  I love her wax, it's very creamy.  It reminds me of pudding and smells pretty good.  It applies easily with a brush and buffs to a lovely sheen.

I think it turned out really fun and I will be taking it to my space to sell next time I head that way. 

I realized when trying to photograph this piece that I have no corners that are big enough to put it.  They all have doorways or windows in the way.  So I temporarily hung a curtain in the doorway.  Whatever it takes right? 



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