Sunday, November 27, 2011

Santa Has Come to the Cabin

Have I mentioned I collect Santas?  Well I do.  Love them.  Today I worked on staining the top of the new kitchen island I have been building and in between coats seemed like the perfect time to bust out the Santas.  I have quite an odd collection.  My tastes have really changed over the last few years.  I have been drawn to the more folkish quirky Santas lately rather than the more traditional ones I started my collection with.  

I decided to group all the folksy types together on my dining room display shelf.  I built this shelf a few years ago before I had ever heard of a blog.  It is the third shelf I built for this space.  The first one was a plate rack similar to the one I built here, the second was a deeper three cubbie shelf that definitely did not work in this space.  I sold them both at a Holiday Bazaar a few years back.  The back door opens right into this wall so I needed something that wasn't very deep.  I wanted it simple and rustic.  Normally I display my white dishes here.

don't they just make you smile?


I also brought out some of my favorite wispy garland and ornaments for our hutch.  I decided to use what I have.  I have been fighting the urge to go out and by all new mercury glass ornaments.  I am in looooove with that look this year.  Thank goodness when I saw my old Christmas balls in red, green & golds well I love that look too, so free won. 

I filled my old wood bowl with a few pine cones and the jewel toned balls.
Hmmm needs some Santas I think.

My Sister made me those two Santas.  She knows I collect quirky ones and she saw a pattern at the fabric store for the one riding the chicken and just had to make it for me.

I love it.  I opened it in front of the entire family that Christmas and we all just died.  It's hysterical.

The next year she made this one.    I mean look at the detail on these things.  Oh they make me so happy.   Not everyone has these babies.  


Then there is Jeeves.  My husband buys me a Santa every year and one year he bought me Jeeves instead.  He is my favorite.  You're thinking I'm a little weird right now aren't you.  Really I do have some normal Santas and I will get around to putting those out eventually. 
Back to the kitchen island.  It's really shouldn't be taking me this long to finish but the design choices are what have been holding me up.  What color to paint it, what kind of top to use, Hardware?  I will have the top finished this week.  Stain is drying as we speak then a few coats of poly to do.  Can't wait to show you.

Have a great week!


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Monday, November 14, 2011


This weekend I made some progress on my Kitchen Renovation.  I know I should have been finishing my entry bench but the paint hasn't arrived yet so what else could I do?  

My plans for the kitchen are:

-new Island/peninsula
-plate rack cabinet
-paint walls & ceiling 
-paint cabinets
-paint archway
-granite counter top 
-farmhouse sink
-new tile back splash

I completed my plate rack cabinet.  To build it I used an existing 24" cabinet that was in the garage.  I have been searching pinterest for ideas and found a great link to a the blog Nest,Nesting,Nested with a tutorial found here.  It was exactly what I had in mind.


To make my version I cut twenty 1/2" dowels to 12".  I used 1 x 2's to hold the dowels and drilled the holes 2" apart on center.     

This really is an easy project all you need is a drill, 1/2" drill bit and something to cut the wood with.  I used my chop saw but you could do it with a hand saw. 

I installed the racks by screwing the top to the shelf from above and the bottom from underneath. I placed the racks about 1 1/4 inch from the front and back of the cabinet.

I really like it.  I think it makes this side of the kitchen more interesting and it gives me an area for display.  The best part is if I get tired of it I can remove it from the cabinet with only a few screw holes to fill. 

Those maple cabinet doors will soon be painted white as well.

Hopefully I will get the new island finished soon so I can show you pictures of the kitchen that aren't so closely cropped.  With only half of it painted white and a half finished island it is looking pretty funky right now, but I have a plan.

Oh and I finally settled on a white I like.  It is called Oyster Shell by Glidden.  Same name as the white my sister used on her cabinets but hers was a Behr color chip.  It's funny how different they are.

Now my list looks like this.

-new Island/peninsula
-plate rack cabinet
-paint walls & ceiling 
-paint cabinets
-paint archway
-granite counter top 
-farmhouse sink
-new tile back splash

Dontcha just love crossing things off your list?

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Sunday, November 6, 2011


A few months ago I scored a free coffee table from my friend Kristi.  She warned me that it needed a little TLC.  It actually wasn't too bad it had some scratches but it was solid.  I thought that I would sand it down and paint it for myself but then I got it home and it was huge, like half the size of my couch.  It would take up my entire living room.  So now what do I do with it? 

I left it in the carport and ignored it for awhile.

Then a couple weeks ago while in the middle of another project I was inspired.  So I dropped the other project and went to town on this one.  I decided to make it into an entry bench.  I mean doesn't this table just scream make me a bench.   I initially thought it would make two benches but that didn't work out. 

I started by taking the top off. It was glued and screwed in from underneath.  Next I cut the sides and the bottom in half lengthwise with a skill saw.  I then realized the problem.

This is what the cut in half panel looked like.  Weird I couldn't just slap plywood on the back it would look unbalanced.  I got irritated and dropped the project.

The next week I picked it back up.  I ended up using the 3x3 front side piece from the other side to complete the end panels.  I first removed the sides from the bottom. Then I could cut the side down to accommodate the other 3x3 piece.  Of course this meant I could only make one bench. Oh well moving on.

To attach the end piece I used my kreg jig to make a pocket hole so that I could screw it together.

for the back I used a 1/4 inch panel.  There ended up being a groove for the back to fit into on the side pieces so that was a nice surprise.

I used the feet from the other side to make four matching fancy feet.

Here it is with a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.  I splurged on the paint for this table when I thought I was going to use it as my coffee table.   I didn't want to prime.  I have used the paint on lots of other projects and of course I ran out.  I had to order some more. 

My plan is to re-stain the top.  I am liking that two tone look I see all over the blogisphere.  If it doesn't turn out I will just paint it. 

I already had the baskets, I use them for storage in my bathroom closet.  Looks like I might have to give them up they could not fit any more perfectly.    

Here it is with the top sanded.  It needs one more coat of ASCP then I will distress and finish with wax.  With the left over pieces from the other side I plan to make a cubby shelf with hooks that can be hung on the wall above the bench.  I started that project today but got frustrated and dropped it.  See a pattern here.  I need to think about it a little more and pick it up when I feel inspired.  I was going to wait to post until I was finished but good lord who knows when that will be. 

Whatcha think?  Would you have cut this table in half?  

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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Well hello, how are you I've missed you.  I've been a bad blogger lately and have not really shared much. I'm still here though working on projects just haven't completed anything.  Know the feeling?  

I have been surfing around the blog world though.  In my surfing I noticed that this weekend Donna at Funky Junk Interiors is having her weekly link party and the theme is Vintage Suitcases.  I have a vintage suitcase, I wanna play.  So instead of working on my three half finished projects I decided to take pictures of my end table.  Which means I had to clean the living room.  Which really means I only cleaned half the living room, ya know the part that shows in the photos.

This table is next to the sofa where I curl up and blog. The suitcase holds my decor magazines for me & it's where the coffee and wine sit.

The suitcase I purchased at a antique store as luck would have it it has initials of someone I love very much on it.  Perfect.

The base was made from a table I found in a shed we tore down.  It was grungy and had a plywood top.  I removed the icky plywood and cleaned it up.  I made my own top by using some barn wood that came off that same shed. (So I guess it is actually shed wood but that does not sound fabulous) 

It is perfectly worn and weathered you just cant beat mother natures work.

For my first attempt at the finish was to sloppily mist it with white spray paint. Then sand.  Fail.  I wanted it to look worn and chippy, it didn't.  I did this prior to blogging and I've learned alot from you all.  I have been meaning to fix it and last night after seeing Donna's post I was inspired.  I pulled out my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in old white and threw on a coat.  This morning I sanded the edges and Booyah, that's what I was going for.  Distressed, worn, goodness. I intend to finish it with wax but lets be real that will probably never happen.

Here's a shot of what it usually looks like.  Including dog on couch, bad girl.  But she's so cute.

(That's a bag of chips,salsa, coffee mug, picture frame, cd & a magazine)

(Good girl lay on the floor)

Well I'm off to work on a project.  Truth is I am really excited about all three projects I'm working on so they keep pulling me away from each other.  I hope to have something complete to post tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath.

Thanks for stopping by!

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