Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Spider Egg

I fear I will never finish my kitchen project.... things just keep getting in the way.  Important things like this.

Scary isn't it.  I love this.  I got the idea from my sister who got the idea from Martha Stewart a few years ago.  Martha's version of the spider egg was made out of a balloon & plaster of paris (tutorial here).  My sister decided to make hers by using good old flour and water paper mache which worked great.  I have always wanted to make one for my workplace but I wanted it bigger.  So I used an exercise ball, lord knows it wasn't being used for "exercising".

Here's what I did.

To make the nest I started with a typical grapevine wreath I had lying around.  Then I stuffed some mossy branches from the yard into it then added some more moss here and there.  I did it all on a piece of card board so that it could easily travel to work without making too big of a mess.

I tucked a few sculls and bones and laid some creepy cloth from the dollar store over the cardboard.


The exercise ball I used for the egg was gray and had raised rings around it so after cutting a jagged hole to make it look broken I turned it inside out so it was smooth.  Then spray painted it off white not worrying about total coverage because I like some gray showing through, it gives it a little more depth.

Problem, the exercise ball is kinda floppy.  To make it stand up better I put some cardboard and a metal hanger in it. 

Oh look someones hatching right now. 

I borrowed the spiders from my sister.  Her annual Halloween Party is always the weekend before Halloween.  She is crazy for Halloween.  She decorates the whole house.  It's insane. She has a shed designated for all her decorations and it is full.  She probably has 30 big spiders, no lie. 

I am excited to take this to work tomorrow.  We usually go all out with the decorations and everyone dresses up but this year we are remodeling so we cant decorate.  There's always room for a spider egg though right? 

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Sisters Kitchen is Finished

If you remember I started working on my sisters kitchen remodel in March.  These things always take longer than we think they will don't they?  It was a lot of work but it was so worth it to be able to give her a kitchen she loves.  

Here's where we started.  There were 70's Harvest Gold curved counters, old vinyl flooring and red walls.


My sister had wanted to get new counter top since she moved in but the curved counter made it a bigger project than she wanted to tackle.  We had talked about it forever and finally I convinced her to let me tear everything apart.       

The first thing we did was to demo the curved counter and move the upper cabinet that was at an angle to the wall. 

Then we added a large pantry cabinet that I built out of plywood and some crown molding.  Next came the Ginormous Island project.  What a difference.  Even though they are painted black the kitchen feels twice as big.
Oh and I can't forget the floors.  With help from big brother and Mom we replaced those as well.  For that we laid thin 4 X 8 ft sheets of underlayment over the old vinyl and installed the new vinyl from Lowes on top of that.  She bought the kind the doesn't need glue and it was really easy to work with.  The hard part was the weird corner angle.  We had to make a template.  

Next we replaced the counter top with in stock laminate from Lowes.  Then on to the stove area.

The ancient wall oven and stove top had to go and were replaced with a new oven.  Once the cabinet and drawers were gone some re-wiring and a plug had to be installed.  For that we got help from Dad, my step mother Terri and my husband.  We got the whole family in on the fun.  

The area where the wall oven used to be is now a shelf for the microwave and some storage.

Still with me.....?  It's alot I know.
 Above the window is one of my favorite changes. It used to have a solid panel soffit above it.  

My sister had put a shelf across the window to display her candy dish collection.  I thought since the soffit was a wasted space that a shelf above the window would work for display.  She loves her candy dishes so why not make a special place for them.  

The previous soffit had wiring for a florescent light so we used that to wire the new light fixture.

The shelf I made out of a hollow core door so that the wiring could be hidden inside the shelf and I like the thickness of it too.  The back is lined with bead board and decorative brackets finish it off.

My photos are dreadful, it was a dreary day and I did not have enough light.

My sister painted all the previously off white cabinets a brighter white called Oyster Shell by Behr.  It really freshened things up.  Initially we were going to just paint the island and the pantry black but I mentioned a kitchen that I saw online that had upper cabinets that were white and lower cabinets black and she decided to go for it.  I like it. Oh and she painted the ceiling too.

So there you have it.  My sisters new kitchen.  Now I wonder if I can get her over here to help me with mine?

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