Sunday, September 25, 2011

Decorating for Fall

I don't have a mantle so I decided to decorate our hutch for Fall.

The hutch has been in my husbands family for decades. It is well loved, needs to be refinished, I love it.

Did you see the iron flying pig in the bottom corner?  I call him the guard pig, because he's by the back door.  My husband got him for me for Christmas several years ago.  He had specific instructions to go to this great store we had in town that sold Christmas decorations and get me the flying pig.  It actually started a tradition with us.  That year he also bought me the coolest Santa decoration and every year since I cant wait to see what Santa he is gonna find for me.  I look forward to it all year, but no pressure honey.

Oh wait back to autumn.

For my vignette I used one of my favorite white platters, added some squash, some twigs from the yard, pine cones and some faux acorns from Wally world.  The small cream and sugar bowls I purchased from a local thrift store.  Separately.  The were supposed to be a set.  I bought them on different days.  I didn't notice til after I bought the second piece that it had a sticker that said set.  Nice.  I paid twice as much as I should have.  Oh well.

The blue squash didnt have a stem so I made one out of a wine cork.    Because why wouldn't you.

Closer to Halloween I will add some creepy cloth, a glitter scull and a crow.  All from the dollar store last year.  I love a how a blog party will get your bum in gear to do what you might not have gotten around to otherwise.  I never decorated for fall til I started reading blogs.  Look at all the fun I was missing out on.   

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Alicia @ Sweet Ava Kate said...

Looks great! Love the hutch!

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