Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Childs Table Set Restoration

Here's a little restoration project I have been working on.    The set belongs to my friend Sandie who asked me if I would restore it.  It was made by her Grandfather back when her Mother was a little girl.   I believe she said it was made around 70 years ago.  At first I was a little intimidated because I didn't want to ruin it, but once I got them home and had a good look, I just knew I could fix them. 

The set was weathered from being left outside.  The goal was to keep as much original as possible. I did need to replace the seat, back and trim portion of the benches with new wood.  The table top was salvageable it just needed a good sanding and 8 layers of paint ;) 

I kept the original characters on the sides.  I glued and clamped and sanded and repainted to restore as close as I could to the originals.  I traced the design onto wax paper before I sanded just in case so I didn't lose any of the detail.

I think it turned out well and it was so much fun helping preserve a little piece of history for Sandie and her family.

Aren't they just the cutest.  Dontcha just love how the bunny is dancing.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Decorating for Fall

I don't have a mantle so I decided to decorate our hutch for Fall.

The hutch has been in my husbands family for decades. It is well loved, needs to be refinished, I love it.

Did you see the iron flying pig in the bottom corner?  I call him the guard pig, because he's by the back door.  My husband got him for me for Christmas several years ago.  He had specific instructions to go to this great store we had in town that sold Christmas decorations and get me the flying pig.  It actually started a tradition with us.  That year he also bought me the coolest Santa decoration and every year since I cant wait to see what Santa he is gonna find for me.  I look forward to it all year, but no pressure honey.

Oh wait back to autumn.

For my vignette I used one of my favorite white platters, added some squash, some twigs from the yard, pine cones and some faux acorns from Wally world.  The small cream and sugar bowls I purchased from a local thrift store.  Separately.  The were supposed to be a set.  I bought them on different days.  I didn't notice til after I bought the second piece that it had a sticker that said set.  Nice.  I paid twice as much as I should have.  Oh well.

The blue squash didnt have a stem so I made one out of a wine cork.    Because why wouldn't you.

Closer to Halloween I will add some creepy cloth, a glitter scull and a crow.  All from the dollar store last year.  I love a how a blog party will get your bum in gear to do what you might not have gotten around to otherwise.  I never decorated for fall til I started reading blogs.  Look at all the fun I was missing out on.   

The Lettered Cottage
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Monday, September 19, 2011

My Husband Told Me No and Other Nonsense

So what did he say NO to you ask?  He wont let me paint over the brass on out pellet stove.   I know I previously said he supports everything I do yadda yadda but he put his foot down on spray painting the pellet stove.  I don't see why, geez this thing is old, it's practically an antique. 

I guess I get it, we do use it all winter long to heat the house.  It gets pretty warm and he's concerned that even high heat paint will fail.  We've talked about upgrading but it still works so it stays.

Even with the brass it's actually one of my favorite things in this quirky cabin.  I love the brick around it.  I love how warm and cozy it makes the room.  The sound it makes, sort of a hum with a few clicks thrown in here and there, it's just home to me.  

I guess it's not that big of a deal.  So many other things I should be worrying about right?  Like the economy or if I'm gonna still like Two and a Half Men with Ashton instead of Charlie.  At least hubby doesn't have any objection to painting the kitchen cabinets thank goodness.  It's gonna happen soon.

Soooo does your Hubby ever tell you no when it comes to decorating?  Do you just wait until he's gone and do it anyways?  Do tell.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Giveaway Winner

Thank you to all who entered my giveaway!  It was so much fun reading all your comments about your favorite seasons!

The winner is #3 .... Anne.

Anne said...
I'm already a follower. I love fall the best, sunny warm days, gorgeous leaf colours, apples are at their best, mmmm warm apple crumble :)

Happy September!!

Thanks for the beautiful giveaway. 

I used Random.org to get the winning number and then gave up trying to figure out how to get that into this post.  If I did giveaways more I would have tried harder but oh well.

Email me your address Anne!

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Monday, September 5, 2011

I Won a Contest!

Kelli over at Restore Interiors had a contest where you could link up your favorite project that you have painted with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint.  I entered my Chateau de Charli painted wood box.  I won!  What? Who me? My prizes are a signed copy of Annie Sloan's book "Creating the French Look", a quart of chalk paint in the color Old Violet and some brushes.  I can't believe I won I am sooo excited to start painting everything Old Violet!  Thank you Kelli! 

 I found this picture on her pinterest board, love it.

I also want to thank Kelli for featuring my Peggy Chair last week at her weekly link party Restored It Wednesday.  She said the nicest things. If you are looking for a place to party you should definitely check it out this Wednesday.  Kelli's blog is so pretty, and she really knows how to refinish furniture, gorgeous stuff, I just love her style.

Last but not least, Thank you too Kim at Savvy Southern Style for featuring my Peggy Chair last week on her Wow us Wednesday Party.  Kim's home is beautiful and every photo looks like it should be in a magazine.  She's got mad decorating skills.  Love linking up there.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway it's still open until this Wednesday.  (I have a thing for Wednesday's apparently don't I?)

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