Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Placemat to Pillow

What goes perfect with a Chair that was reupholstered with a drapery panel?  A place mat pillow of course!

While shopping for fabric to reupholster my Peggy Chair I found a place mat that I thought coordinated pretty well.  I found both at Cost Plus World Market. 

I've seen this done in blog land and thought I'd try it.  It's got to be the easiest way to make a pillow, no sewing machine required.  Just seam rip a small section open and pull the interfacing out.  The interfacing (which is the stuff that makes the place mat stiff) will basically be gluing both pieces of fabric together and will seem like it wont come off but just keep pulling it will, I promise.  (I confess I totally thought it wasn't going to come off but then it did)  Then stuff your new pillow with batting and hand stitch closed.   

I used a tieback that came with the curtain panel to make a ruffle.  Then hot glued it on. I still need to find a couple fabulous buttons to put where the loops are at the ends.

Oh and I still need to make a new cushion for the banquette but for now the basket sits there for all my junk.

Okay enough of the dining room on to the kitchen! 

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Anonymous said...

Your pillow looks great Mimi! And it really looks nice with all of the other pillows on your banquette!!

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