Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Made You Something......

It’s a picture frame.   It’s my favorite color.  It’s distressed.  I hope you like it.      

OK so I only made one of you something I wish I could make something for every one but you know how it is. 

This giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for following my little blog!!   I passed the 300 follower mark this month, Whoot!  I appreciate every one of you, every comment, and I love being able to visit your blogs and peak into your life.  I find inspiration every day.  I am blown away at how kind this blog world is. 

Here's the low down on how I made it.  I started with an old scratched up picture frame then added some bead board using my chopsaw to miter the corners.  I cut the tung of the beadboard off with the table saw then finished it off with some simple trim. 

Painted my fav blue, distressed and glazed with dark stain.

Working with wood and powertools is my favorite kind of project so I thought this was a fitting.  It was alot of fun for me to make escpecially since it will go to one of my awesome readers.  

To enter all you have to do is be a follower of this blog and leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite season is.  You can tell me why too but that's not required it would just be fun.

I will draw the winner on Wednesday September 7th.  (Must be in US or Canada to win)

Thank you again for following!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Placemat to Pillow

What goes perfect with a Chair that was reupholstered with a drapery panel?  A place mat pillow of course!

While shopping for fabric to reupholster my Peggy Chair I found a place mat that I thought coordinated pretty well.  I found both at Cost Plus World Market. 

I've seen this done in blog land and thought I'd try it.  It's got to be the easiest way to make a pillow, no sewing machine required.  Just seam rip a small section open and pull the interfacing out.  The interfacing (which is the stuff that makes the place mat stiff) will basically be gluing both pieces of fabric together and will seem like it wont come off but just keep pulling it will, I promise.  (I confess I totally thought it wasn't going to come off but then it did)  Then stuff your new pillow with batting and hand stitch closed.   

I used a tieback that came with the curtain panel to make a ruffle.  Then hot glued it on. I still need to find a couple fabulous buttons to put where the loops are at the ends.

Oh and I still need to make a new cushion for the banquette but for now the basket sits there for all my junk.

Okay enough of the dining room on to the kitchen! 

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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Peggy Chair

I don't normally name my projects but I named this chair after my friend Peggy.   Peggy got me this chair for free from her friend that was moving.  She said she knew I could do something with it.  I just think that was so sweet of her.  Shout out to Peggy you are awesome!

At first I was thinking slipcover but I didn't want to lose the wood detail along the sides or the shape.  The fabric was also kinda dingy so it needed to go.  I spent several hours here and there removing everything down to the bones.  One of the legs needed to be repaired as well.  I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to keep the scalloped back or not.  In the end I decided to button tuft. 

I shopped all around for fabric.  I wanted a pattern and some color but of course I still wanted it to be muted, not to vibrant.  I finally found something at Cost Plus World Market that I love.  It's actually a drapery panel (not the most cost effective way to buy fabric) It has my favorite blue and citrus yellow/green on a muted gray background. 

Here's a readers digest of what I did.  I am not an expert so I am just hitting the highlights.  I only knew how to reupholster this chair because I took it apart.  I did not do things the "right" way but I think it worked out.  The biggest thing is to just go for it.  Each time I learn and do better the next time.

I decided to go ahead a buy a pneumatic staple gun and it makes a world of difference.  I found an inexpensive one on Amazon.  The first chair I recovered (found here) I used a hand stapler and I had to pound in every single staple.  Never again. 

To put her back together I first found some scrap fabric and stapled it to the back of the chair so that I would have something to thread the buttons through and to keep the curved shape.  I then added a layer of foam followed by a layer of cotton batting and then regular batting.    Then came my fabric. 

After deciding on the placement I pulled the buttons through all the layers and knotted them.  I did not permanently knot them until I was finished with all of the buttons. 

Once the fabric was all pulled tight and stapled I added a strip of piping to the top back of the chair.

When I took the back part of this chair apart I discovered a thin strip of cardboard was used up against the piping.  I found a roll of the stuff at Joann Fabrics (it's called upholstery tack strip)for $10 and I totally cheaped out since I only needed less than two yards I didn't want to buy a whole roll.  I figured I could find something to use instead.  I was looking around for something when I saw this,

A bud light box is the perfect thickness.  Tacky, well yes but hey it worked beautifully.  I used my rotary cutter to trim a half inch strip.   

If you push the cardboard up against the piping it gives you a crisp edge once you flip the fabric back over.  

The sides of the chair were pretty easy to do since you can hide all the staples with double cord welting.  If you don't have the sewing machine attachment to make it here's a tutorial over at Centsational Girl that shows you how to do it.

I used my fancy bud light tack strip on the front of the chair as well.

Here she is in the room.  My little blue ruffled pillow sure has gotten a lot of miles in my photo shoots.

So I am loving Peggy Aka the Chair that was free except I had to buy a pneumatic staple gun, all new cushion and stuffing materials and fabric AND spend 20 hrs removing staples.  Actually I didn't have to do any of those things but this chair inspired me.  I love her shape and her curved back is so comfortable she kind of wraps in you in a hug when you sit in her. 

The dining room is coming along it now has Peggy, some new pillows, and I hung a woven wood blind which helps warm up the space now that I painted everything white.  

I am glad I finally got a blog worthy project done.  I feel like it's been forever since I have had something to post.


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Transformation Thursday


Furniture Feature Fridays

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Garage Sales Are My Favorite & Kitchen Plans

Had to start with the pretty picture.  I will get to that in a just a bit but first I have to tell you about my Garage sale scores.   My Mom is back in town visiting so we headed down to my Uncle's house to hang out while he was having a Garage sale.   The whole neighborhood was doing it so we got to roam around.  The first thing I found was an old fish scale.  It had a $5 sticker on it.  I was kinda unsure about spending 5 whole dollars on it and then the lady said she'd sell me everything on the table for $7.  So I gave her $7.  This was what was on the table.

All useful stuff.  Of course now we have like seven hammers but oh well, can you really have too many hammers?

I am so glad I got the scale for my husband.  He fishes a lot and I think it will look cool hanging by the boat. 

At another house I got this frame for $3

The frame is in excellent shape.  The picture is scratched up. I'm thinking chalk board.   I am not sure what color to paint the frame or maybe I should just leave it gold, what do you think?   

The ball jars I got for $1 a piece, I don't have any with lids like this.  The metal thing is a chicken feeder, I need that why?    I don't need those pictures either but I think they are pretty.   

Now for the most awesome garage sale purchase ever.

Granite, guess how much I paid for enough granite to do my whole(tiny) kitchen?  You're not gonna believe it.  $20.  No lie.  I actually got her to agree to sell it to me for $15 but then after they helped us load it (that stuff is heavy) and she dropped it on her fingers, I was feeling pretty guilty.  My sister and I looked at each other and she said "you better give her that other 5 bucks" So I did.  Still a screaming deal.   I got four pieces that are 25" X 32" two are in great shape and two have some broken corners.  That's okay though because we are going to have to cut them anyways.  I am so excited to have granite.  Right now we have tile and I despise the grout lines. I will never tile a counter top again I'd rather have Formica.

My plan for the Kitchen is to continue painting all the pine tung and groove paneling white like I did around the banquette.  I also want to paint the cabinets and make a new island.  I love the look of white cabinets and black counters.


Now I just need a $20 farmhouse sink to go with my $20 granite.  I wont hold my breathe.   If you know where to get a screaming deal on a farmhouse sink please share.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rockery Progress

I thought I'd share an update of our Rockery project.

There is still alot to do.  The area to the left where the rock pile is needs to be finished and then more gravel will be hauled.  The area to the right, which I'm not showing because it is a mess, will have to wait until some equipment is available. There is a large concrete pad that needs to come out that used to be part of a dog kennel.  We decided to take it out because in three years Charli has not set foot in it. 

I used some rocks to make steps.  In pictures they look sorta dangerous don't they?  I have gone up and down them now dozens of times they're stable.   I want to plant some succulents or maybe some thyme in between them.  I will also plant some hens and chicks here and there in the rockery because I love them.

The maple tree will be planted in the ground eventually.  I haven't decided exactly where or what to plant around it.  This area gets full sun most of the day so whatever I pick will have to like full sun. I still don't know about that blue Garage door.  I swear it's not that bright in person, or maybe it is and I'm just in denial.

Gotta hold Charli's ball in just the right spot to get the money shot.

Slowly but surely were moving along. Hey if you've got any suggestions on plants for me I'd love to hear from you.  

Thanks for stopping by!

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