Sunday, July 31, 2011

Forks Road Trip

Ever heard of Forks Washington?  It was made famous by a little book series called Twilight.  Vampires & Werewolves anyone?   I will admit I have read and loved those books.  Yesterday we took a little road trip to Forks and it was just what I needed.  Believe it or not it was not to take the Twilight tour but to help out my Husband.  He needed to drop a truck off in Forks and for me to follow him and give him a ride back.  Forks is 3 1/2 hours from our home one way.  It's a pretty drive and it's been years since we've done it.   It turned out to be the perfect day for it.

We started out about 7 am up Highway 101 along Hood Canal.  If you are anywhere near Washington State you need to make this trip.  It is beautiful.  I followed him driving his truck.  It took a bit of getting used to since it's a lot bigger than my vehicle but he has Satellite radio.  My new favorite thing is Channel 31 The Coffee House.  Do you know it?  It is all singer songwriter mellow stuff that is the perfect soundtrack for an early morning road trip, windows down, singing along.  The morning light is so dreamy over water.  The sun was out, blue sky, a little fog, gorgeous blue water. It's why I don't mind going fishing at ungodly early morning hours, morning is my favorite time on the water. 

Two hours later it was time for something a little more upbeat.  Right about when we got to Lake Crescent I popped in an 80's mix CD.  Nothing better than a little Pat Benatars "Love is a Battlefield" windows down, singing at the top of my lungs trying to steer and do the shoulder swinging dance move from her music video.  You know that move I'm talking about right?  

Lake Crescent is another beautiful part of the trip.  

We got to Forks and after I convinced him to drive through town so I can just ya know, see what Bella's house looks like, we headed back to Port Angeles for lunch.  On the way he asked if I wanted to see a logging road he built a few years back as he's pointing to the top of a Ginormous mountain.  You built a road up there? Um yes please I wanna see. 

I have seen several of his jobs but never this one.  I am never letting him go to work again after seeing this job.   It was so high up there on the tippy top of a mountain.  I sorta freaked out.  I am scared of logging roads.  They have cliffs on one side.   

On a clear day you can see the ocean.

 See how the road switches back. EEK.

He builds the road than a logging crew can come in and Log.  After it is logged the land gets replanted. 

Honestly, I'm kinda afraid of heights. I did get out and look around but I sorta walked while hunched over with both hands out, it felt like the ground was spinning. See here I am with the fake smile, 10 feet from the edge.

I wanted to crop the picture like this because I hate pictures of myself. 

but then you couldn't see how high up it was. Really, like anyone but me cares. 
We saw an Eagle, a Deer and a Elk.  No Vampires thank goodness. The deer was too fast to get a picture of or I was too slow on account of holding onto the the truck with both hands. 

curious Elk

Is there anything more peaceful than watching an eagle fly?  We see them all the time where we live but I stopped to watch them every time. The view is stunning from up there. 

It was just a great day.  We had fish and chips for lunch on the waterfront in Port Angeles and made our way back home.  It really is a beautiful drive if your even in Washington you should make the trek.  

Unfortunately I did not get a photo of me by the Forks sign because there was no way hubby would be seen doing that regardless of how much he loves me.   So I made my own.

My next post will be back to normal programming with a project.  I am hoping to show you what we did with our pile of rocks.   

Have a great weekend!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Dining Room Paint Color

I have had a few readers ask me what color my dining room walls are.  A couple of them are no reply comment people so I couldn't answer them.  So I am posting about it.  Don't hate me but it's a custom mix.  Initially I did what I always do which is I picked a color that was too bright. I wanted a grayish blue color that wasn't too blue, easy right, um not so much.  So After picking the wrong color I added some of my entry color, sort of a medium taupe , which toned it down, and I got the color I wanted.  In person the color is sometimes gray, sometimes blue & even greenish.  Painting the paneling white really pulls the blue out of it. I love it, it's blue without being cold.

If anyone wants to see a sample I will happily paint some on a swatch and mail it to you so you can have it color matched or use it to match up with other samples.  Email me your address.  I wont stalk you I swear. 
Story time....  About 12 years ago (omg I'm old) I used to work in the paint department at Home Depot.  It was alot of fun at times but the retail hours got old.  Now days the joke around my house is that I know how to do everything related to home improvement because I used to work at Home Depot.  Obviously that is soooo not true, not even close, but I did learn a few things.  (just dont ask me about paint sprayers I successfully avoided that area like the plague)  My favorite part of mixing paint was when people would ask me if I thought the color they picked went with whatever it is they brought in to match.  The most common thing people did was to pick colors that were too bright.  I loved it when I could help them find the right shade.  Sometimes people brought back the paint they purchased because it just wasn't the right color and I would tweak the color by adding this or that tint. (I dont know if I was supposed to be doing that but hey, they were just gonna return it anyways so what was there to lose?)  Most often all I would have to do is add some brown tint, or green if something had to much red in it.  The point of my story is when you pick a color always pick something a little more subdued than you think because once you get it on the wall it changes.  (I dont know how many times I have painted a patch on the wall and then grabbed the sample and held it up thinking no way did I pick this color.)  You all know this right? I know this and I still picked a color that was too bright. ;) Just believe whatever I say I used to work at Home depot so I know, right?

Have an awesome weekend!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mantel Shelf

Hey Friends! Hows your day?  Mine is good. I made another shelf.  My most favorite shelf I have ever built.

and I discovered the I'm feeling lucky button in Picassa.  So it's been a good weekend.  I can't believe how much better my photos look after hitting the button, 

This photo above is after the Picassa I'm feeling lucky button

this is the before, quite a difference isn't it?

So as always I will show ya how I built it.

I started with this shelf that I made years ago from one piece of molding and a 2x2.  I haven't used it in quite awhile because it just wasn't deep enough.   

I grabbed two scraps of molding I had and two pieces of bead board.

then glued & nailed it all together.  To solve the problem of it not being deep enough the cove base sticks up from the top to give a plate or a picture frame something to keep from sliding off. I mitered all the corners.

Dontcha just love what a little molding can do? 

For the finish I stained the whole thing with Minwax stain in the color Jacobean then after that dried I painted it with Annie Sloan's Old White Chalk paint.  I heavily distressed (I LOVE how chalk paint distresses) and finished with paste wax.

Even though I want to keep this shelf I am going to try and sell it.  I talked with a gal in town who owns a shop and I am going to bring in a few things this week and see what she thinks.  I am also working on a few signs, a chair and the blue frame above is getting a chalk board insert to take in as well.  Wish me luck. 

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Salvaged Door into a Dining Room Banquette

I had been thinking about maybe building a kitchen banquette.  Then I went to the Habitat re-store and found inspiration.  Big time.  The kind that hits you and you must fulfill it or you will burst....  I went it a creative frenzy.  I had to get out of the store as soon as possible before everyone else that was there decided they had to have them too.  Do you ever feel like that when you find something that you consider a treasure?  Wait you don't have to answer that I know you do.  I was sooo excited, I did a little dance when I got them safely home.   

I know right.

Ok so they are just doors, but not for long.  I started with the white one, the brown one I will get to later.

(re-enacted for photo op)

I started by cutting two of the panels off.  I clamped a piece of wood to the door so that I had something for the skill saw to follow.  Just drawing a line does not work for me.  This way I don't have to get down close to the saw to try and follow a pencil line.


I used my Kreg Jig Jr and glue to attach a piece of 2X6 to the cut end so that the panel was centered.  I had to rip the 2x6 down on the table saw to get the right width and take the curved edge off.

I filled the seam with wood filler.  Once I sanded and painted it you cant even see the seam. I made two panels this way. 

Fast forward to how I put it all together.

I re-used some 2 X 4's from the shed we tore down to build the support for the backs.  I then screwed it the wall.  I didn't have enough door to make a panel on this end so I used a piece of plywood. (disregard the three different whites on the wall)


You can see the right side is made up of the two panels I had to modify. 

I mitered this corner with my table saw. I used glue and nails to attach the corner and wood putty filled the holes.

Here it is with the bottom 1x4 trim and a new paint job.  I am still not sure about this white, it's so white I may still change it.  It's growing on me.

For the top I had intended to use plywood that would overhang about an inch.  I cut the piece but once I set it on top it looked awful.  The proportions weren't right because of the panels and since I disobeyed the rule of bench height it made it to tall.  So I had to change the plan and cut the plywood to fit flush inside. 

To support the top I screwed 1 x 2's inside along the front and sides.  This looks much better and the cushions will cover it all. For the hinges I used basic 2" utility hinges

edited to add: Since I had built the middle support so that it was flush with the front and back I had to remove it and cut it down by 3/4" so that the new top would sit rest on it and be supported by it.

Here's a picture of it with a cushion I had.  This is temporary.  I wasn't going to post about this until I had an after picture with a finished cushion then I decided why wait.   

The fabric choice for the cushion and pillows is what has been holding me up.  I plan on making two cushions with piping. I also want to try a woven wood blind on the window to warm things up.  Once I find fabrics I like I will pull an accent color from them to paint the Ikea wood drawer organizer and an oar I want to hang above the photo gallery.  I think.

I am very happy with the banquette but the one thing I wish I had done differently is the height.  It's 20 inches high.  The door came that way but I should have ripped a couple inches off.  It would be fine except with a cushion it's a little high.  Oh well, I like to sit on it all comfy curled up in the corner.  The perfect place to blog while my husband cooks me dinner......

Thanks for stopping by.  So any guesses on what I am planning to use the brown door for?

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Pantry Doors Tutorial

You may remember a few months back I was working on a major remodel of my sisters kitchen.  Her kitchen had harvest gold curved counters and it was time to say good bye to the 1970's.

I mentioned in the pantry post that I would show how I made the pantry cabinet doors.  I recently had a reader (thanks Veronica) ask me if I was still going to do that and so here it is.  Truth be known I was a little burnt out on the whole kitchen remodel and needed a break.  I did take pictures when I built them with the intention of posting about it so I might as well show ya right? 

The kitchen budget was small so I had to get creative.  In the design phase I was looking for some cabinet doors and the only thing I found were these hollow core doors for $8.  They had similar panels to the island cabinet doors so I thought I'd give them a try.   

The first thing I did was cut them to the right length with a skill saw.  This allowed me to peek inside and see what was going on in there.  Then the rest of it came together in my head.  I decided to rip them down with my tablesaw to solve the problem of being too thick.  Basically I just set the blade height at about two inches and ran the door through upright along both sides.

Now you too know what the inside of a hollow core door looks like.  Just what you've always wanted to know right?  Above you can see that the door has wood on the sides to give it it's strength.  I cut it so that the side pieces were the same thickness as a 1 x pine board.  

I built a shelf system out of 1X pine boards glued and nailed together. I used the panel I cut off to back it so you can't see the back of the panels through the shelves.

Here's a shot of the shelves on top of the panel door.  I used strips of pine as spacers to fill in around the shelving and give something for the hinges to hold onto.

I used alot of glue, clamped and nailed everything together.  I did a test hanging to make sure the glue and nails would hold.  I fully expected it to fall apart.  It didn't.  It's still holding strong to date. 

(that's my workshop in the background with the worst color of yellow walls ever!)

So that is how I made the pantry doors.  Her kitchen is almost done just one more little thing for me to do..... build a corner cabinet to fill in the space next to her new stove.  My Sis has painted all the old cabinets a new lighter cream color, painted the ceiling and finished up the trim.  Oh and I still have to show you the new open shelf area above the sink and the new microwave cabinet. I haven't seen it since she has painted except in picture texts so I am excited to see her progress.  She is loving her new kitchen. 

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