Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gallery Wall and Dining Room plans

Hope everyone had a great weekend, It was beautiful here.  Me and my hubby worked in the yard on Saturday and today I worked on something that I didn't quite finish so more on that later.

I read that there is a gallery wall linky party coming up this week which got me thinking about my dining room wall.  I have had my gallery wall for quite a while.  I'm bored with it.  It needs some changing up.  

I want a to jazz it up a little, make it not so, well boring. So while staring at that I started thinking about the pine tung and groove. I'm thinking it's about time to paint it white.  I have wanted to paint it for years but fear was holding me back.  Fear that I might not like it and also the pine was one of the first projects the hubby and I worked on together (10 years ago)and I'm sentimental about it.  The yellowing however has finally outweighed the sentimental.  I just cant take it anymore. 

I think white will look cottagey and I cant wait!  Of course if I paint the dining room I just might have to paint the maple cabinets in the kitchen....... and here we go.... 

Good bye sweet yellow pine.  Oh and little drawer unit from Ikea that we use as a charging station, I have plans for you too.
Have a great week!

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