Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Cabinet gets her Legs

Hey How's it going?  Thanks for all the lovely comments on my Potting Shed.  You all are the sweetest!  Seriously you're my favorite.  No one in "real life" will listen to me talk about my potting shed for more than 5 seconds, let alone look at pictures ;)  They don't get it. 

I wanna show you my latest project, I just finished her.

Do you recognize what I built this out of?  I took before and during pictures but I must have deleted them without loading onto the computer??? I cannot find them now this is the best before I could do.

Yep it’s a one of those oak stereo cabinets. With the rounded trim and two smokey glass doors.  Just Awesome.  (Not!)  We used it up until a year ago when thankfully the oak clad TV (circa 1990's)bit the dust & we got some new goods.  It was all oak, all the time in our living room as you can see from the picture.  Anyways It's been in the garage since then until inspiration struck.  Here’s what I did.

I started by adding some furniture legs purchased from a Home Improvement store.  I used glue then pre-drilled and screwed the legs onto the bottom.  Then filled the screw holes with wood filler.

For the top I miter cut crown molding then glued and nailed it with my nail gun.  That's it.  

I love her legs.   

For now she sits it the corner of my craft room. 

For the finish I primed, painted gray, lightly dry brushed with cream paint and then finished with dark brown almost black glaze.  The glaze I used is Ralph Lauren tinted chocolatey brown.  I added some black craft paint until it was the shade I wanted. 

Most of the furniture in that room is painted creamy white so I thought I’d try something different. 

Whatcha think?  

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The last of The Blue Ocean Breeze Spray Paint

I've been spray painting again.  I had enough of my favorite blue spray paint (Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze) left over from my last project to paint this thrift store metal vase.  Previously it was a dark green with black speckles.  I just love the shape. 

It has been sitting empty on my table for days.  Today while walking out the door to go to my in-laws for Easter Dinner I thought hey, that nest I found would fit in the vase. Oh and then every nest needs a bird.  So while my husband waited in the truck for me I quickly put it all together, admired my work then ran out the door.  Just a little last minute Easter vignette. 

Did I mention it is my favorite color. Guess it might be time to give it a rest. 

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

P.S.  If you have been following my blog you may have noticed in the background that I painted the paneling white ;)  To white I need to find a less bright white.  This one hurts you teeth it's so white.  Any suggestions?

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Potting Shed

What a gorgeous weekend!! Finally, we really needed it here.  Did you get outside?  I did!  I weeded. I actually like weeding.  Well not all the time but sometimes, it's mindless work and it looks so good when you're done. Of course by July around here you'd think I never weeded. ;) 

Have I told you I love my Potting Shed?  I do.  I LOVE IT.  It makes me happy.   I have a picture of it in my blog header but I thought I'd give you a closer look.

My husband built it for me last summer.  We tore down an old ugly lean-to shed and used the lumber and metal roofing to build this shed.  We used a salvaged door and old windows.   

I made the cupola.  It's my FAVORITE part. I found a tutorial online and then sorta winged it from there.  I am quite certain it will only last a few years before it rots out since I used shutters for the louvered part but oh well.  My hubby put the metal on the cupola roof for me.

I had to re-glaze the window above .  UGGH! I never want to do that again.  It is tedious work, but I do love those old windows.  I believe they both came from the original cabin so that made it worth the effort.

Here's the inside.  This cabinet was in another shed on the property.  I did nothing to it but move it.  The finish is perfectly chippy and worn.  I love the color. 

I made the sign after seeing a sign in The Ballard Designs catalog.   The crate and the bucket I found in a shed here too. 

So I thought I'd explain why we have random stuff like this cabinet just lying around.  My husbands grandparents lived here before us and they never got rid of anything.  Seriously they kept everything, 30 years of stuff.  So that is why we have lots of wood scraps, old windows, random things.  My husband and I joke that all we have to do is think of something and then go look around and we will find it.   Then there's us.  We never get rid of anything either.  If a piece of wood is more than a foot long I swear it physically hurts me to get rid of it. 

The potting shed is next to my vegetable garden.  I will post pictures of my garden later once things start growing.

I like the way the blue sky (haven't seen that in awhile) and clouds reflect in the glass in this photo. 

Thanks for checking out my Potting shed! 

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trumeau Mirror or whatever you wanna call it

Why is it that I cannot finish a project in one sitting??? I started this thing last weekend determined to finish it.  It didn't happen. Shocking isn't it.

I have been wanting to make a "frame" for my mirror for a while.  You know how it goes you think about it, add it to the to do list and one day you see a fabulous mirror somewhere and it moves up the list.  You kind of think about it some more.  Then just have to do it.  This is how it went for me. Mine is different then my inspirations but I love it.  As far as the color goes I almost lost my nerve.  I asked my hubby if he cared if I painted it bright blue and he said everything you do looks good so do whatever you want (Seriously LOVE that man). 

I couldn't finish it last weekend because the plywood refused to take the paint and I ran out.  So this week I got some more spray paint and it was on again.

To make the "frame" I cut a piece of plywood to the size I wanted. The mirror came from an old sliding shower door that we got rid of years ago. For the top and bottom trim I used some of the short pieces of molding I had lying around from previous projects.  I purchased moulding that had a channel in it to hold the mirror down. The plywood I got from my husbands stash.

I laid the mirror on the plywood and started playing around with different trim. Two hours later I was still staring at it.  I finally told myself just start cutting women or you will never get done.  It went pretty quick after that.  I used glue and my handy dandy nail gun to attach the trim being extra careful with the trim around the mirror.

The carved piece along the top is something I got a million years ago but never quite figured out what to do with.  It is made of resin and cost $3.99.  The sticker was still on it from some liquidators store I don't remember ever going to.  The design is grapevine and birds.

I spray painted, dry brushed with off white paint and used dark brown glaze to finish.  I used Ocean Breeze spray paint by Krylon.  This color is BRIGHT, the glazing really tones it down.  I used the same color on an end table that is across the room (shown here) and similar blues are in artwork and pillows in the room.

I love the color against the dark wall. 

This is the view when you walk into the room.  That is my slip covered recliner in the photo above.  As you can see my kitty has clawed the side of the back.  I could just throttle kitty except that he's so darn cute.  The window treatment needs some work pretend you don't notice that ;)I was going to make a roman shade but never finished.

Ya know I really have no idea what style I am going for here but I like it.  Thank you so much for reading let me know what you think.  Oh and if you have an idea for a window treatment for such a small window attach a link, I would love that!

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gallery Wall and Dining Room plans

Hope everyone had a great weekend, It was beautiful here.  Me and my hubby worked in the yard on Saturday and today I worked on something that I didn't quite finish so more on that later.

I read that there is a gallery wall linky party coming up this week which got me thinking about my dining room wall.  I have had my gallery wall for quite a while.  I'm bored with it.  It needs some changing up.  

I want a to jazz it up a little, make it not so, well boring. So while staring at that I started thinking about the pine tung and groove. I'm thinking it's about time to paint it white.  I have wanted to paint it for years but fear was holding me back.  Fear that I might not like it and also the pine was one of the first projects the hubby and I worked on together (10 years ago)and I'm sentimental about it.  The yellowing however has finally outweighed the sentimental.  I just cant take it anymore. 

I think white will look cottagey and I cant wait!  Of course if I paint the dining room I just might have to paint the maple cabinets in the kitchen....... and here we go.... 

Good bye sweet yellow pine.  Oh and little drawer unit from Ikea that we use as a charging station, I have plans for you too.
Have a great week!

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