Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kitchen Makeover for my Sis

Hey hows it going?  I've got spring fever bad how about you?  I've got some craziness to show ya.  It's what I've been working on for the past couple months.  I had to take a break from it because Mom is coming from Indiana next week and she wants to help.

I have been OBSESSED with renovating my sisters kitchen for years now.  I have drawn it out at least ten times.  Finally I cant stand it anymore, I had to do it.  My sister is wonderful she supports everything I do and is my biggest fan.  Everyone should have a sister like her.  She is all for redoing her kitchen but her fear was that I would start and not finish.  Who me, not finish something I start, no way.  I will finish this for her. Pinkie swears. 

The plan is huge. 
         -take out existing curved peninsula
         -move upper cabinet and dishwasher 
         -build pantry cabinet
         -build an island
         -fix any holes this creates (ahhhhh)
         -new counter top
         -new flooring
         -trim trim trim

My sister was planning to buy new counter tops and flooring already.  The rest well, I have to get this out my head once and for all!


Ahhhhh harvest gold. So pretty.  In person it doesn't look this bad. The lighting was dreadful. Hey, that will make for some great before and after photos right?! 

We started with taking down the upper cabinet.  The cabinet is at a 45 degree angle to the wall following the curve of the counter. Her home is a late 70's mobile so the cabinets are funky and hard to remove.  The demo took FOREVER.  Once we finally got it down we cut the odd triangle off the back, repaired and reinstalled it. Then we cut the counter straight.  

See how the counter is curved, we straightened that out. Did I mention we will be replacing the yellow counter. soon.

After that I cut the peninsula in half with a skill saw so we could get to that area easier.  The whole thing will be going but I left the other half until we get to the island part.  We had to do a little demo to the lower cabinet as well in order to push the dishwasher back. Here's the back view.

This next pic shows the counter straight, the dishwasher and cabinet pushed back to the wall as well as the beginning of the pantry.

To assemble the pantry I pre cut and pre-drilled the pieces before I got there so it went together pretty easy.  I used plywood that was 24 inches wide so I only had to cut to size lengthwise. The plywood has a veneer on it so it painted really well.  We used Behr's paint with primer. We had the plywood, long story, and Hubby was nice enough to donate several pieces to the project. Yay!  Did I mention the budget is non-existent. Oh well that just means I have to be more creative right? The Habitat for Humanity stores saved me. More on that later.

Added crown molding and some fluted trim.  We are keeping the top open so she can use for display.  The back of it is bead board. For now she just threw some stuff up there. It needs handles and another coat of paint then we will lightly distress.

I will show you how I made the pantry cabinet and doors for it in another post.  I doubt anyone else would ever want to make cabinet doors the way I did but it was fun for me.  

steps 2-5000 to come! So far she loves it!  Thanks for stopping by!

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Anonymous said...

This cabinet looks fab! What crown molding and beadboard can't do. We had harvest gold appliances when I was a kid. Yes, I'm that old, haha! Your sister is lucky to have your help. Looks like you're off to a good start. :) ~M

Janeen said...

OMG! I wish you could get ahold of my kitchen! lol But for real, wanna? :-) It's been in half remodel stage since we moved in almost 5 years ago! :-/ yikes!

Semele_74 said...

I, also have a horrible kitchen and no budget... YOU are invited over any time! I bake!!!!

Casey said...

How do you think this stuff up. I wish I had you mind. Love your blog.

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