Monday, March 28, 2011

Oopsy, and a Spring Vignette

I just wanted to post a quick pic and say sorry about the double posting and the no picture issue yesterday.   Blogger was messing with me, but it is fine today thank goodness.

I was DYING to show pictures of my Sister's kitchen makeover  because I have been eat, sleep, and breathing it for months.  So naturally Blogger picked that day to freak out.  Go figure.   Whatcha gonna do, right?  ( I freaked out a little)  I would not have known what to do to fix it so I am glad it is playing nice today ;) 

Thank you all for your awesome, sweet, funny, totally uplifting comments by the way.   Seriously, It is amazing to me how nice everyone is.  I wish I could bottle it and take it with me everywhere I go. 

My spring vignette.

Have a great week!

I really wanted to find a inexpensive bunny for my spring display that I could cover in moss but I haven’t found one, so no bunny for me. 
I confess, I totally bought a cheese dome to make a cloche.  I know I am the last person in blog land to do it but they are so dang cute I just had to.  
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kitchen Makeover for Sis part Two- The Ginormous Island

Hope you all are having a good weekend.  Me, I'm relaxing today because I spent the last 3 days working on my Sister's kitchen remodel.  My Mom is here visiting and so I spent a few days with both of them working.  Sorry Mom not much of a vacation. 

I thought I was kidding on the last post when I said steps 2-5000 coming next.  Seriously, remodeling a kitchen takes FOR-EVA. I cannot believe we are still not done. 

But check out this before and almost after.

The Ginormous Island.  This thing is big.  63"wide x 40" deep.  I am very happy with how it turned out.  Here are some different views of it.

front- oopsy need to install more hardware

side view- note: sanding dust
shows up when flash is used

rear view

My initial plan for the island was to build the cabinets myself.  Thank God I happened to be driving by the Habitat Restore one day and they had cabinets outside with a sign that said FREE.  As you can imagine I squealed into a parking space and ran to them.  There were 2 cabinets that would work.  

This one which is 15"w x 24"deep x 30" tall.

& this one that is 33"w x 24"d x 30" tall.  I wanted a 30" cabinet but IT WAS FREE so I figured I could work with it. They both are made from 3/4" particle board with white melamine inside. 

The large one was a sink front cabinet so I had to cut a hole to install a drawer and modify it to make it fit the doors.

OMG I forgot to tell you about the doors.  I knew I couldn't make nice enough doors for the cabinet so I went looking at the Habitat Restore in Olympia.  I found 3 sets of doors, in the box, brand new, for $12 each set. I am telling the truth I swear.  Each set included two paneled doors with a one drawer front and all the hinges.  They fit 30" cabinets.  Did I mention they are Oak.  Are you kidding me you cant even buy the fancy hinges for $12 at the hardware store. I can hardly stand it.

So with my free cabinets and awesome deal on doors I only had to make one cabinet.  I used 3/4" plywood to make the box.

I built a regular drawer and a drawer for the bottom so she can get to stuff in the back.  I got the sturdy drawer glides at the Restore too.  

Here you can see in this next pic how I placed the cabinets together.  I had to make a base for the free cabinets since they were only 30" tall.   After we replaced the floor, thanks to the help from my big brother, we figured out the exact placement and I screwed everything together.

free cabinets are on left, mines on right

We wrapped the island with bead board which I had cut at Home Depot. I had to push for them to cut it because he told me their saw would not make a clean cut.  I said "just try it I promise I will buy it no matter what".  He did and it cut clean so I won ;) I mention that because I have noticed that most of the time they do say that and I have to push, but it always cuts just fine.  (By the way I hate conflict so that exchange made me break out in hives) 

I used 1x4 MDF for the base trim.  In the front where I had to modify the free cabinet I used a piece of fluted trim to hide all that and it ties in with the trim on the pantry.

 Last thing is the counter top for the island.  We ended up using laminated pine boards.  The packaging says they are for building furniture.  They are strips of pine laminated together to make wider straight boards.  It reminds me of butcher block.  I had wanted to find one of those inexpensive farmhouse tables with the pine tops but then the island turned out Ginormous and so we had to re-assess. I am not sure how this will hold up but we shall see.  We stained the top and my sister is going to put the clear finish on it.  My Hubby and Brother came over and helped install the counter and the Hubby routered the edge to make it look more custom.  I haven't tackle the router yet.  I want to get a small one, the big one scares me.  I plan to cut strips of pine and glue them to the underside to make the counter look more beefy.

OK here's a recap of what we have done so far:
-removed the curve from counter and added a pantry cabinet
-replaced peninsula with island
-replaced flooring
-made a display shelf above sink
-added a cabinet next to dishwasher
-installed light over island and sink

What we still have to do:
-install transition piece between carpet and floor
-paint cabinets lighter cream color
-paint wall accent color
-trim under island to "beef up counter"
-new laminate counter top for sink counter
-finish trimming out shelf over sink

Eventually she plans to purchase a new oven and put it where the corner cabinets and cook top are.  Then where the wall oven is now we will build a cabinet for the microwave and maybe a drawer.

Still 2000 more steps to go..... But it is looking good and my sister is happy, which makes it all worth it!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to Make a Bucket into a Bird House

It's finally Spring I am so excited! I cant wait to get outside and play! So here's what I've been up to, I built a birdhouse.  Bird Condo really, it has 8 rooms.  Oh wait maybe a bird apartment complex would be a better description. No I like Condo. I have no idea why I made a Bird Condo other than I saw a picture of one and thought I would really like a round one but how would I make that?  Oh wait a bucket is round......

I have plans for a new garden area and I think this baby will go nicely there.  I have no idea if birds will find it appealing or not but I hope they do.

I planted the roof with hen & chicks and some other succulent type plant that I have around the yard.  I love to garden but I never remember the names of things.

Here's how I did it.  I had one of those black plastic buckets that you get when you buy large plants lying around that was the perfect size.  The bottom of the bucket measures 9” and the top opening is 10” so it tapers.  (I think a bucket that doesn’t taper would be better but I didn’t have one of those)   

Here's how I did it.

to make the holes:

- figure out where you want your holes for the "doors"  I used the square drainage holes on the bucket to line them up, 8 holes total (I made the first two then put a piece of paper inside and traced those holes to make a template for the rest)

-use a 3/16" drill bit to screw thru the center of the template holes this creates a place for your hole saw to start if you have the kind like mine with the drill bit in the middle. 

-use 1 1/4" hole saw to cut holes, sand edges to smooth.

To make the “condos”

-cut 2 pieces from 1x6 board that taper from 9” to 9.5” to fit snug in the bucket

-cut a channel in each and fit together like an +  

-cut a circle with a 9.5” diameter and place on top
-make another + measure from the circle to the top of bucket to determine height) set on top of circle

I thought I was going to find a plastic pot that would work for the roof but nothing quite fit or they were too fancy.  Then I saw this metal frame basket with a coco liner in it.  

I liked the shape but thought at first it wouldn’t work because it wasn’t water proof but then it dawned on me, I could put dirt in there and plant it and have a living roof! SWEET!  I went on the hunt for something that would work to hold the dirt in.  The basket opening is 12". I found a plastic tray you know the kind that goes under a garden pot and it was the perfect size.  I spray painted the rim black.


To attach the roof:
-Cut a wood circle to use as a spacer to get the right height and stabilize it.

-screw the spacer to the bucket from the inside of the bucket. 

-center plastic tray on top and screw that to the spacer

-use washers so the screws don’t pull through  I used the holes I had cut when I made the "doors" for the condos.  They were all over the shop floor because I am messy when I work and when I was searching for washers I saw them. ;)

-drill some small holes in the rim of the tray to allow water to drain 

-fill the pot with dirt and using hot glue attach the rim of the coco liner to the tray. 

-screw through the rings on the frame of the roof to attach to tray. (these rings were for the metal chain that normal hangs it)

For the bottom and stand:

-use the bucket to trace a circle onto wood, cut out w/ jig saw 

-screw wood decorative trim piece to circle & screw post in 

-attach to the bucket by screwing the bottom circle to the wood + structure inside the bucket

-trim out the bottom with rope

Do you recognize what I used for my little perches?  They are plastic shelf brackets.  I drilled a hole and popped them in.  A little glue keeps them in place.

I primed and painted the base then screwed it to the metal bracket in a concrete block.  Of course if you don’t have a decorative post and trim piece in your stash you could always use a plain 4x4 and some scraps of wood.

-screw through the bucket rim into wood bottom
There is a gap at the bottom where it meets the base but lets just pretend I did that for ventilation.  It’s not perfect but good enough for me. 

The last step was to cut holes in the coco liner and plant the top. 

what I purchased:

Square wood trim piece-$1 from Habitat Restore
Decorative post-$5  from  Habitat Restore
12" wide metal coco basket -$7 from Walmart

The rest I had lying around. I never get rid of anything. It's a sickness.

It cost me under $15 but even if I had to buy everything it still would have been pretty reasonable.  I love projects like this where you just use what you have and design as you go.  I am pretty happy with how it turned out and I am dying to see if the birdies will like it.

Happy Spring!

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Display for Pretties

I finally finished it.  I have been all over the place with my projects lately so I am trying to FOCUS.  I made this for my friend Heidi.  I made myself one very similar a while back except mine is 4 feet long and white.  I love having a pretty place to display all my jewelry.  Not that I own any expensive jewelry just fashion stuff like in these pictures.  It makes me so happy when I walk in my closet and they are hanging organized and I can find what I want. It's art to me.

To make this I used a 1x6 pine board about 26" long and a piece of scrap moulding.  I used my chop saw to miter the corners of the molding to make it look a little more special. You could do this with one of those miter boxes and a hand saw too. 

Then I played around with spacing for the pegs and used my ruler that I use for cutting fabric to get the spacing right.  (I better get it back in the house before I ruin it in the shop). I ended up using seven pegs and spacing 3 1/4" apart. 

I used a drill press to make the holes, I love using it for pegs because you can adjust the bottom part so that when you pull the drill bit down to make the hole it stops at the right depth.  I used to use a regular drill and put tape on it so I wouldn't go all the way through.  I guess it really wouldn't matter on this if I went all the way through. I glued the pegs in. 

I used spray paint for the finish.  I sanded and was going to do another coat but I liked how it looked.  The moulding is white so I wiped on Jacobean stain by minwax to make it look wood tone. That's it.  If I had done it all at one time it wouldn't have taken long at all but I don't work that way.  I have what a lot of you probably have, design ADD.  I cant finish anything without starting 5 things in between.  Oh well whatcha gonna do.  

I think this would also be cool with some old mismatched hooks like Michelle and Shell's Shabby Shack did here but I don't have any cool hooks on hand just a box of pegs ;)  Hers turned out very cute.  You should go check it out, I really like her blog.  

Have a great weekend.  Oh and Heidi I hope you like it, Love Ya! 

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kitchen Makeover for my Sis

Hey hows it going?  I've got spring fever bad how about you?  I've got some craziness to show ya.  It's what I've been working on for the past couple months.  I had to take a break from it because Mom is coming from Indiana next week and she wants to help.

I have been OBSESSED with renovating my sisters kitchen for years now.  I have drawn it out at least ten times.  Finally I cant stand it anymore, I had to do it.  My sister is wonderful she supports everything I do and is my biggest fan.  Everyone should have a sister like her.  She is all for redoing her kitchen but her fear was that I would start and not finish.  Who me, not finish something I start, no way.  I will finish this for her. Pinkie swears. 

The plan is huge. 
         -take out existing curved peninsula
         -move upper cabinet and dishwasher 
         -build pantry cabinet
         -build an island
         -fix any holes this creates (ahhhhh)
         -new counter top
         -new flooring
         -trim trim trim

My sister was planning to buy new counter tops and flooring already.  The rest well, I have to get this out my head once and for all!


Ahhhhh harvest gold. So pretty.  In person it doesn't look this bad. The lighting was dreadful. Hey, that will make for some great before and after photos right?! 

We started with taking down the upper cabinet.  The cabinet is at a 45 degree angle to the wall following the curve of the counter. Her home is a late 70's mobile so the cabinets are funky and hard to remove.  The demo took FOREVER.  Once we finally got it down we cut the odd triangle off the back, repaired and reinstalled it. Then we cut the counter straight.  

See how the counter is curved, we straightened that out. Did I mention we will be replacing the yellow counter. soon.

After that I cut the peninsula in half with a skill saw so we could get to that area easier.  The whole thing will be going but I left the other half until we get to the island part.  We had to do a little demo to the lower cabinet as well in order to push the dishwasher back. Here's the back view.

This next pic shows the counter straight, the dishwasher and cabinet pushed back to the wall as well as the beginning of the pantry.

To assemble the pantry I pre cut and pre-drilled the pieces before I got there so it went together pretty easy.  I used plywood that was 24 inches wide so I only had to cut to size lengthwise. The plywood has a veneer on it so it painted really well.  We used Behr's paint with primer. We had the plywood, long story, and Hubby was nice enough to donate several pieces to the project. Yay!  Did I mention the budget is non-existent. Oh well that just means I have to be more creative right? The Habitat for Humanity stores saved me. More on that later.

Added crown molding and some fluted trim.  We are keeping the top open so she can use for display.  The back of it is bead board. For now she just threw some stuff up there. It needs handles and another coat of paint then we will lightly distress.

I will show you how I made the pantry cabinet and doors for it in another post.  I doubt anyone else would ever want to make cabinet doors the way I did but it was fun for me.  

steps 2-5000 to come! So far she loves it!  Thanks for stopping by!

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