Monday, February 21, 2011

My Craft Room

In an attempt to get organized and have a less messy living room I decided I needed a craft room. 

Our home started out as a Log Cabin.  Through the years it has been added onto at least 3 times to become the quirky place it is today.  I’m quirky so we get along just fine.  I decided to turn the cabin part of the house into my craft room.  It used to be the “man room” until I realized the man never went in here so why is it the man room again? He didn't mind he's glad someone's using it.  The room has log walls that are flat on the inside and round on the outside.  Years back we pulled up the carpet and discovered the original floors are fir tung and groove.  We sanded them and put on a clear oil based finish.  They are pretty beat up but we like that about them. 

The ceiling has whitewashed panels trimmed out with molding made from small trees cut lengthwise in half.  There are faux beams made from peeled trees. 

This room is very dark with all the wood but it is a very cool room.  (Literally it’s freezing in here)  I love this room.  
For storage I brought in this small hutch my mother gave me.  She had painted it white and I distressed it.  I decided it would be the perfect place to put my sewing machine. There is also room for a plastic tote for sewing supplies.

I decided Apple green was going to be my accent color.  This room needs some color besides brown.  Brown walls, brown desk, brown floor.  First I purchased solid green curtains from Target.  On the shelves the green boxes hold spools of ribbon.  The basket on the top shelf holds my iron the bottom one holds string, twine, wire and wire cutters.   The drawer holds crafting supplies. 

The suitcases I have gathered over the years and they hold extra fabric and scrapbooking supplies.  I finished off the wall by hanging some photos and stars gallery style. The stars I have had forever and never used. They were already green, perfect!   

The desk is a laminate beast that someday when I find the right desk or table I will replace.  For now I added some Martha Stewart pulls from Home depot to give it a little character.  It has a huge top great for projects. 

The ironing board to the left of the hutch will get a fabric cover as soon as I figure out which way to go with that.  Hanging it on the wall keeps it out of the way and I hide my omnigrid rulers for cutting fabric behind it :)

I love having a space just for me to be creative.  I have my tunes, my sensy flameless candle warmer, all my supplies, what more can a girl ask for?  Well okay wine, maybe a glass of wine. 

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