Friday, January 28, 2011

Ruffled Pillow

Since I am having a hard time making myself finish my slipcover I decided to make a pillow.  You know how that is.  I am over it and on to the next project before I’ve finished what I’ve started.  There are many unfinished projects around here.   So I was looking at throw pillows the other day at Target and found several pretty ones but they were all over $20 each and I just couldn’t justify it. I decided to make my own covers but no way was I in the right frame of mind for the fabric store. I find the moment I walk into a fabric store I am overwhelmed and I walk around and around and eventually put everything back and leave.  I love patterns and color but it is hard for me to choose.   I usually chicken out and pick neutral solid textures.  So what did I buy?  Solid napkins, set of 4 for $8. They have a string texture. Perfect, they are just the right size to recover two throw pillows.  My plan was to simply sew them together stuff with existing pillows stashed in the closet (solid purple textural pillows of course).  Once I got home I wanted to do something a little more interesting.  I decided on ruffles and pleats.  I am loving all the ruffles out there. 

Here’s how I did it.  First cut a 6 inch strip off each 20” napkin and sew the ends together to make one long 6”x40” strip.  Then hem the cut side.  Line up the strip with the middle of the top piece and pin it.  Then gather and pleat in no specific way just whatever looks good. 
Sew down each side of the strip about ¾” from the finished edge and that creates the ruffle with the pleats down the middle.  Place back piece onto ruffled piece good sides together sew all around leaving an opening to stuff.  Finish by hand stitching opening. Done. 
I love it!  It is my new favorite thing.
Couldn't resist the kitty picture, Dozer wanted to play. 

Now back to that dreaded slipcover. 

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